Songs tagged Week2

Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
Marilisa's picture
Demo Sit your butt down on the chair children's song, silly, acoustic one-take, Week2 DonatedwinnerMarilisa 2 7 months 1 week
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Ten by Ten (Ten for One Deal on Unfinished Songs) 10x10, week1, Week2, Week3, Week4, week5, Week6, week7, Week8, WilhelmScream JūS 15 8 months 1 week
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Demo A Complete List Week2, song skirmish, 12 string guitar, 12-string guitar DonatedwinnerAndyGetch 2 8 months 2 weeks
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Demo Blue Walls Country, Week2, ballad Donatedwacha kahlo2013 7 8 months 4 weeks
colgoo's picture
Some people Week2 colgoo 1 9 months 2 weeks
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Demo Zee's Sofa, Y'All Remix, experimental, Week2, Week3, Jeskola Buzz winnerCandle 3 9 months 2 weeks
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Demo Zed's Couch, Eh? Post-Rock, experimental, shoegaze, Week2, Week3, Canadian, Jeskola Buzz winnerCandle 3 9 months 2 weeks
cleanshoes's picture
Heart Shaped Bed Folk, indie, singer-songwriter, Week2 cleanshoes 18 9 months 2 weeks
Edward 9th Street's picture
link Well Worn Week2, Country, Americana, Vocal and Guitar DonatedEdward 9th Street 6 9 months 2 weeks
Cicpisces's picture
Melt the Clock lyric-only needs music vocals need, Week2 Cicpisces 4 9 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo Sofa Made To Look Like A Cow acapella, Week2, very silly Donatedwinnermetalfoot crisp1 10 9 months 3 weeks
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link Gramma's Chair Week2, furniture, Country-Rock, ballad Donatedwinnertjeff 5 9 months 3 weeks
mikehex's picture
Demo The Rocker Week2 Donatedwinnermikehex 3 9 months 3 weeks
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Hammock on the Moon lullaby, Week2 Donatedwinnerkatpiercemusic 13 9 months 3 weeks
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Demo Billy acoustic something, Week2 Donatedwinnermetalfoot 10 9 months 3 weeks
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She Prays Week2, ballad, full production, sad, murder ballad, lost love Donatedwacha 10 9 months 3 weeks
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Big Comfy Couch Week2, lyrics, fun DonatedDeannaSweidel 2 9 months 3 weeks
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A Comfortable Recliner Week2, challenge, furniture winnerSaltyjohn 7 9 months 3 weeks