Songs tagged Silly

Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
LyricSlinger's picture
King Kong Can't Calm Cheetah Silly, Humour, alliteration, alphabet challenge DonatedwinnerLyricSlinger 2 1 day 23 hours
AndreaB's picture
When The Washing Machine Dies Silly, Making light of misfortune DonatedAndreaB 9 4 days 1 hour
headfirstonly's picture
Transport Issues pop, funny, true story bro, 80s production, big sound, Silly Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 10 4 days 4 hours
cola's picture
Demo A Song on the Spot acapella, short, Silly Donatedcola 11 1 week 4 days
LyricSlinger's picture
California Dreaming Humour, dialogue, Silly DonatedwinnerLyricSlinger 1 1 week 4 days
unpronounceable's picture
Demo smol Balloon uncomfortable genres, Beats, Bass, synth, rap, Silly, superskirmish, songskirmish, ss082821M, feast, balloon Donatedunpronounceable 10 2 weeks 5 days
meriamber's picture
Autocorrect Is Shirt [Song Domination] comedy, funny, Silly, autocorrect, technology, Guitar meriamber 7 3 weeks 4 days
sbs2018's picture
link Toy Story Blues blues, instrumental, experimental, Toys, Silly winnersbs2018 5 3 weeks 6 days
splittybooms's picture
Demo Dancin' In the Moonlight synthvox, Silly, for fun Donatedwinnersplittybooms 11 4 weeks 12 hours
meriamber's picture
video Acute Song [Song Domination] acute, math, keyboard, loop, boy band, ballad, Silly meriamber 5 1 month 2 days
kahlo's picture
Timing is Everything StoryCube, love, Silly, needs-music winnerkahlo 5 1 month 4 days
kahlo's picture
Fibonacci Fun Fibonacci Challenge, Silly winnerkahlo 4 1 month 1 week
meriamber's picture
video Bar Baby [Song Domination Improv] Wild West, Silly, comedy, cowboy, improv meriamber 5 1 month 1 week
Johnny Cashpoint's picture
Demo A Different Song Called "Don't Worry About the Government" FUC, Iloveshortsongs, Silly, arbirtarily, political Johnny Cashpoint 1 1 month 2 weeks
splittybooms's picture
Demo Do You Wanna Do Some Laundry? electronic, synthvox, fun, Silly, may be about love Donatedwinnersplittybooms 6 1 month 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
A Smile Silly, one take acoustic, jazzy Donatedwinnermetalfoot 10 2 months 4 days
OdilonGreen's picture
Demo Skirmish Police Silly DonatedOdilonGreen 13 2 months 1 week