Songs tagged jazz

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Roddy's picture
Demo In Autumn piano, jazz, jazzy, instrumental DonatedwinnerRoddy 3 7 months 1 week
Tim Fatchen's picture
link Night Blue jazz, piano, guitar, instrumental DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen ampersandman 2 7 months 1 week
IA's picture
Demo Prestige piano, drums, instrumental, jazz, blues DonatedwinnerIA 2 7 months 2 weeks
Tim Fatchen's picture
link Honey music hall, jazz, cigarbox guitar, pop-folk DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen cts 9 7 months 2 weeks
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Demo Hold on piano, improvisation, jazz, jazzy, instrumental, political, blues DonatedwinnerRoddy 3 8 months 14 hours
philmcmill's picture
Demo Laid Back jazz, instrumental Donatedwinnerphilmcmill 5 8 months 1 day
lowhum's picture
Demo All There Is Waltz, jazz, Acoustic, mandolin, existential lowhum 4 8 months 3 days
Tim Fatchen's picture
link Closed Heart friends, Lovers, loss, jazz, lounge, guy with piano DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen kahlo2013 9 8 months 3 days
billwhite51's picture
The World Outside Covid 19 related, jazz, experimental, weird, eerie winnerbillwhite51 13 8 months 1 week
Jerry Pettit's picture
video What Did She Ever See In Me? jazz, pop DonatedwinnerJerry Pettit 5 8 months 1 week
Edward Roussac's picture
video YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! experimental, spoken word, Rock, jazz, instrumental, podcast winnerEdward Roussac 1 8 months 2 weeks
ryuu's picture
link Impro 2 improvisation, piano, jazz ryuu 1 8 months 2 weeks
katpiercemusic's picture
Lear jazz, trumpet, Shakespeare, maybe political Donatedwinnerkatpiercemusic 9 8 months 3 weeks
Candle's picture
Demo Obsession For A Stranger week7, prog, Progressive Jazz, jazz, Odd Time Signature, Opus, samples, samples galore, Jeskola Buzz winnerCandle 3 8 months 3 weeks
nancyrost's picture
link Trying To Reach You week7, new wave, jazz, experimental Donatednancyrost 12 8 months 3 weeks
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Singing the Blues jazz winnerMisterGee 2 8 months 4 weeks
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link Quicksand Country, jazz, loss DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen sherrycanary 9 9 months 2 days
bunter's picture
Demo New Love Songs Morph3, jazz Donatedbunter kahlo2013 6 9 months 4 days
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link Larger Than Life gypsy jazz, swing, fast swing, jazz, happy, Acoustic, BIAB, positive Liz_Frencham 10 9 months 1 week
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Moonlight Through The Blinds jazz, lounge DonatedwinnerJerry Pettit 8 9 months 2 weeks
Tim Fatchen's picture
link Made Your Bed jazz, quiet, piano, mellow, instrumental DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen 6 9 months 2 weeks
Roddy's picture
Demo Open doors - Bebop Ukulele Jazz instrumental, ukulele, piano, jazz, GarageBand drums, improvisation DonatedwinnerRoddy 10 9 months 2 weeks
alfalfa's picture
link Storm Pt. 2 instrumental, piano, jazz, ballad alfalfa 2 9 months 3 weeks
alfalfa's picture
link Storm instrumental, piano, jazz, moody alfalfa 3 9 months 3 weeks
cleanshoes's picture
link So Good jazz, piano, keyboard, collaboration cleanshoes cindyrella 9 9 months 3 weeks
the pannacotta army's picture
link Break It blues, jazz, Acoustic the pannacotta army Stephen Wordsmith 21 10 months 5 days
Roddy's picture
Demo The Ukulele Band ukulele, piano, jazz, introduction, #week 1 DonatedwinnerRoddy 10 10 months 5 days
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extrazesty jazz, synth, guitar fluidvolt 8 10 months 6 days
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Demo orangezest guitar, instrumental, jazz fluidvolt 13 10 months 1 week