Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
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Demo What You Want singer songwriter, acoustic, addiction Donatedtcelliott 8 1 week 3 hours
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link New Birth relationships, growing pains, Girl with guitar colgoo 5 1 week 3 hours
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link P.A.U.S.E. DBT: Stop Skill, mental health colgoo 8 1 week 4 hours
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Demo New Drug (skirmish) skirmish, drug, s091221 Donatedmike skliar 17 1 week 4 hours
cola's picture
Demo Allergic skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 Donatedcola 18 1 week 4 hours
corinne54's picture
link Weed skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 Donatedcorinne54 17 1 week 5 hours
Jibbidy34's picture
link My Love Fix songskirmish, drug, skirmish DonatedwinnerJibbidy34 26 1 week 5 hours
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Demo Substances skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 DonatedwinnerRoddy 11 1 week 5 hours
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Demo You Are Sinking in Your Feelings Donatedwacha 21 1 week 5 hours
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link Love You Always love, skirmish, songskirmish winnermusicsongwriter 14 1 week 5 hours
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Demo Anything That'll Get You High skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 Donatedtjeff 20 1 week 5 hours
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Monkeys skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 winnerbillwhite51 12 1 week 5 hours
coolparadiso's picture

One More Hit skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 15 1 week 5 hours
kahlo's picture
Ghosts and Drugs skirmish, needs-music winnerkahlo 15 1 week 5 hours
cindyrella's picture
My Drug of Choice skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 winnercindyrella 19 1 week 5 hours
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Mysterious and Cheap Drugs skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 vivalarayna 18 1 week 5 hours
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Demo The One Thing skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 Donatedwinnermikehex 14 1 week 5 hours
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link Addicted to Anger skirmish, drugs, Girl with guitar colgoo 19 1 week 5 hours
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link Scull Find farmer flamenco, archeological andante, existential raî The Farmyard Or... 2 1 week 5 hours
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Johnny On the Spot Skirmish #s091221, drugs DonatedAndreaB 17 1 week 5 hours
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Columbo skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 Donatedgreengrassgirl 18 1 week 5 hours
Sunfire's picture
The Mind is a Drug skirmish, songskirmish, s091221 winnerSunfire 19 1 week 5 hours
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Demo Walk Away lo-fi, comedy, pop Johnny Cashpoint 1 1 week 5 hours
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Demo Thursday Afternoon at The Seniors' Hall mandolin, getting older, final lap DonatedwinnerMandolinda 6 1 week 6 hours
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Demo Ocean breeze op-z, instrumental, electronic elesimo 1 1 week 6 hours
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Demo Question why op-z, instrumental, electronic elesimo 1 1 week 6 hours
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link Immaculate Receptions experimental, Improvisation, Frippertronics DonatedwinnerCandle 2 1 week 8 hours
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I Feel winneraneilm Michael Lockley... 1 1 week 8 hours
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Silly Me lyrics only, needs music DonatedwinnerKristi 7 1 week 8 hours
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Gone Not Gone melancholy, philosophical, needs music Donatedcrisp1 4 1 week 8 hours
geoff61's picture

The Hutenghast Not genre specific, too long for a song (probably) winnergeoff61 4 1 week 8 hours
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link Bored Yet…? (Feat. Liz Brinker) short song, Phone recording, harmonies Donatedrichaaaay 8 1 week 10 hours
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Other Shoe to Drop Tell off song winnercindyrella 6 1 week 10 hours
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You’ll Never Catch Me crime, chase DonatedwinnerLyricSlinger 5 1 week 10 hours
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October Sunshine guitar maestro male female duet DonatedwinnerJibbidy34 tjeff 12 1 week 11 hours
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Demo Hell Leo, I'm not afraid to say the word #adhoc, miller's crossing Donatedwinnermikehex 4 1 week 11 hours
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Demo Travel By Piano comedy, piano, transportation Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 8 1 week 11 hours
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link Lake Ballinger mental trails, piano winnerbillwhite51 6 1 week 12 hours
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Demo Toad’s Bag ‘O Glass Instrumental Demo winnerkahlo 7 1 week 13 hours
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link Beatsumi beats n more Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 6 1 week 13 hours
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Counterfeit Heart needs music, needs vocals Donatedgreengrassgirl 3 1 week 13 hours
greengrassgirl's picture
So Exceptional needs music, needs vocals Donatedgreengrassgirl 2 1 week 13 hours
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Mercy blues, Blues-rock, mid-tempo? DonatedDonna Devine 2 1 week 15 hours
geoff61's picture
BAREFOOT 'CROSS THE SAND a climate change/eco lyric winnergeoff61 3 1 week 18 hours
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Demo Don't Lose Another Day electronic, vocal samples, Native Exhale Donatedwinnersplittybooms 8 1 week 20 hours
mikehex's picture
Demo Traveling By Plane skirmish, travel, death Donatedwinnermikehex 2 1 week 20 hours
vivalarayna's picture
The Missing Stair Feminism, topical vivalarayna 5 1 week 21 hours
Glyne3's picture
link First Parenthood, newborn, babies Glyne3 Steven Davies 2 1 week 21 hours
Chandra's picture
Eerie lyrics-only, poetry, fantasy winnerChandra 1 1 week 21 hours
mikehex's picture
Demo Better Days skirmish, corinthians, troubles Donatedwinnermikehex 1 1 week 21 hours