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LyricSlinger's picture

A Long Way From Home sci fi, war, rock ballad DonatedwinnerLyricSlinger 2 6 days 4 hours
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link My Own Little Ghost regret, Jazz Trappings, collaboration DonatedHypnotist davidtaro 11 6 days 4 hours
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link Apple Leaving the Tree Pavanne pour une pomme séparée The Farmyard Or... 3 6 days 5 hours
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link Soaked Soil Swamp Salsa, Low Energy Jazz, Rot Harvest The Farmyard Or... 2 6 days 5 hours
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One more Hit skirmish, songskirmishs, 091221 Zeekle coolparadiso 10 6 days 5 hours
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Wild Things skirmish, songskirmish, s091321 winnercindyrella 8 6 days 5 hours
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link Retrospect acid, downtempo, vocal Melody 2 6 days 6 hours
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link Punk Rock cheating, cover thelowestbitter 1 6 days 6 hours
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link A Lie A Lullaby electronic thelowestbitter 2 6 days 6 hours
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link Dance of Wild Geese skirmish, songskirmish, s091321 winnermusicsongwriter 9 6 days 6 hours
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link A Burden A Curse A Liability house, electro thelowestbitter 3 6 days 6 hours
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Reckless Feelin' Mama skirmish, songskirmish, s091321 vivalarayna 5 6 days 6 hours
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Demo You're a Wild Thing skirmish, songskirmish, s091321 Donatedwacha 8 6 days 6 hours
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link Pest (Gm7 & DJTJB) indie lofi electronic music with guitars DonatedNahlej381 Gm7, djtjb 7 6 days 6 hours
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link I Grow My Gifts [music - added - 13Sept'21] undefined winnerustaknow Anaezia 9 6 days 7 hours
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Demo Hank Williams Stole My Lunch Money ukulele, attempted-humour, super-short DonatedFuzzy 13 6 days 7 hours
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Demo Delayed Again pop, 80s production, big bass Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 6 6 days 7 hours
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Demo Access Denied songfight, indiepop, 6-8 probably DonatedVom Vorton 6 6 days 7 hours
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link We Could Go Dancing pop DonatedPanch 6 6 days 7 hours
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Gift Of The Oak Acoustic Americana, Glorious Oak Tree, positive vibes Donatedbunter greengrassgirl 11 6 days 8 hours
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Demo Three classical ukuleles instrumental, ukulele, FUC DonatedwinnerRoddy 6 6 days 8 hours
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video Little Girl Dreams pop DonatedJerry Pettit 12 6 days 8 hours
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I Got the Kid Raisin' Blues blues winnercindyrella 7 6 days 9 hours
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Demo Whaddaya Say mandolin one take acoustic DonatedwinnerMandolinda Kristi 8 6 days 10 hours
sbs2018's picture
The Truth Is electronic, EDM, Disco winnersbs2018 6 6 days 10 hours
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link Potato Pain French Fries Pop, Underground Suffering, Strings & Blows The Farmyard Or... 1 6 days 11 hours
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video Mesmerized ghost, storytelling, death DonatedAcousticmaddie billwhite51 12 6 days 11 hours
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When The Washing Machine Dies Silly, Making light of misfortune DonatedAndreaB 9 6 days 11 hours
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A Good Kind of Crazy winnerBelladonna 7 6 days 12 hours
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link needn't i? chill, electronic Donateddjtjb 2 6 days 12 hours
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link Beatsru Beats Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 3 6 days 13 hours
ustaknow's picture
Then Dentist Chair Americana-2021, mouring-morning-news-write winnerustaknow 3 6 days 13 hours
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Demo Another Monday one-take acoustic, selfskirmish Donatedwinnermetalfoot 5 6 days 13 hours
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link Agent In An Overcoat Wolf Kier 13 6 days 13 hours
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Transport Issues pop, funny, true story bro Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 11 6 days 14 hours
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All That Noise StevieJ 1 6 days 15 hours
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link Biopic Of A Friend Hard-Rock, Partial-Demo DonatedKurtis Kanttila 4 6 days 15 hours
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Windblown Oak Overlong folky ramble (not tight enough for composition) probably :-) winnergeoff61 2 6 days 16 hours
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link Family Back DonatedSteven Davies Glyne3 2 6 days 20 hours
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link Toymaker week8, piano, movie rosesoncacti 1 6 days 21 hours
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Demo Playin' the blues on a uke uke, ukelele, blues Donatedmike skliar 7 6 days 21 hours
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link Picturing Us Donatedwinnerallaboutgeorge 2 6 days 22 hours
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video Regretting the Hero's Journey improv, glockenspiel, instrumental Donatedwinnerimprovyssey 3 6 days 22 hours
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Demo Some Thing DonatedNeverQuitJeff 3 1 week 19 min
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Demo If I Die #JapaneseScale #blues DonatedNeverQuitJeff 2 1 week 34 min
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Demo Father, Forgive Them DonatedNeverQuitJeff 2 1 week 44 min
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link Access Denied indie folk, quantum leap, trains make great metaphors owl 8 1 week 1 hour
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Demo Intentions come on, romance, not at all creepy this time really Donatedwinnermikehex 5 1 week 2 hours
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Demo I Used To Take a Lot of Drugs Acoustic Blues, Sunday skirmish, drugs DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 15 1 week 2 hours
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link Let Your Guard Down electronic, pop, Vocals winnersbs2018 5 1 week 3 hours