Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
improvyssey's picture
video Decisions, Decisions improv, cittern, instrumental Donatedwinnerimprovyssey 2 2 days 14 min
amelea's picture
link Channel 9 Alt Rock, rock, Pop rock amelea TheNucleus 8 2 days 15 min
splittybooms's picture
Demo The Physical electronic, old school, vocal samples Donatedwinnersplittybooms 4 2 days 39 min
mikehex's picture
Demo Get The Hammer casual destruction, cheerful Donatedwinnermikehex 6 2 days 1 hour
metalfoot's picture
Demo See The Stars 12-string, improv, distortion Donatedwinnermetalfoot 3 2 days 1 hour
djtjb's picture
link let my love in EDM, vocal sample, fawmtronica Donateddjtjb 3 2 days 2 hours
Kristi's picture
Sadness In Me needs music, lyrics only DonatedwinnerKristi 5 2 days 2 hours
The Farmyard Orchestra's picture
link Lovely Rye rye raî, cereal cello, food fado The Farmyard Or... 2 2 days 3 hours
The Farmyard Orchestra's picture
link Foot-and-Mouth Disease sick disco, discow, cloven hoof stomp The Farmyard Or... 2 2 days 3 hours
phoenixash's picture
link Prelude I Alternative Rock phoenixash 4 2 days 3 hours
Hypnotist's picture
link More Than One Way piano ballad, love gone sour DonatedHypnotist 7 2 days 4 hours
Gm7's picture
link Anyone Who Wears Sunglasses Is An Assassin(ver2) DonatedGm7 splittybooms 4 2 days 4 hours
srcoops's picture
What to Do srcoops 3 2 days 4 hours
sbs2018's picture
link Madness EDM winnersbs2018 8 2 days 4 hours
LyricSlinger's picture
Quiver (His Poison’s In Your Blood) cult, addiction, religion DonatedwinnerLyricSlinger 2 2 days 4 hours
cindyrella's picture
That Little Pout pop winnercindyrella 5 2 days 4 hours
The Farmyard Orchestra's picture
link Dad's DDT love song The Farmyard Or... 2 2 days 5 hours
Amanda Rose Riley's picture
(It Feels Like) Electricity acoustic, acoustic one take, Girl with guitar Amanda Rose Riley 3 2 days 6 hours
metalfoot's picture
This Is Not A Lullabye collab, gentle Donatedwinnermetalfoot crisp1 4 2 days 6 hours
Mandolinda's picture
Demo Ice Dragon collaboration, acoustic mandolin DonatedwinnerMandolinda Stephen... 6 2 days 6 hours
phoenixash's picture
link (Scary) Lost Boys Alternative Rock phoenixash 3 2 days 6 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo 2.0 (Version 2) collab, ballad Donatedwinnermetalfoot Sunfire 5 2 days 6 hours
wobbie wobbit's picture
Demo Chip Away [4-track cassette collaboration] 4-track cassette collaboration Donatedwobbie wobbit pfoo, standup, Vom Vorton 13 2 days 8 hours
metalfoot's picture
Just Say When collab, acoustic, harmony Donatedwinnermetalfoot Kristi 5 2 days 8 hours
sbs2018's picture
link Party Time Disco, EDM, electronic winnersbs2018 AndreaB 7 2 days 8 hours
billwhite51's picture
link Something Bigger guy with guitar winnerbillwhite51 7 2 days 9 hours
Rockwrites75's picture
Hot Food! Rockwrites75 2 2 days 9 hours
unpronounceable's picture
Demo They're Gonna Take You Away synth, Ladyvox, dark Donatedunpronounceable 2 2 days 9 hours
K.C.'s picture
Shake My Head & Smile a Lot Acceptance, love, Content K.C. 5 2 days 10 hours
crisp1's picture
White Sands needs music, needs collaboration, folk or singer-songwriter Donatedcrisp1 6 2 days 10 hours
ustaknow's picture
link It Was So Easy [ ~ almost music, prior lyric only... dirty-track-challenge, #dirtytrackchallenge winnerustaknow 4 2 days 10 hours
LyricSlinger's picture
New Girl Attraction, Office, Humour DonatedwinnerLyricSlinger 3 2 days 10 hours
colgoo's picture
link Parasite Rejection, Broken heart colgoo 6 2 days 11 hours
Belladonna's picture

Nicki, Shut Yo Mouth winnerBelladonna 6 2 days 11 hours
Fuzzy's picture
Demo John Cage Is My Spirit Animal prepared-piano, experimental, Improvisation DonatedFuzzy 9 2 days 11 hours
Gwyn Jones's picture
Dancin' Shoes rockabilly, First collab winnerGwyn Jones greengrassgirl 10 2 days 12 hours
cindyrella's picture
Does it Have to be Smoke Signals? Country Rock winnercindyrella 6 2 days 12 hours
kahlo's picture
Stronger with the Bottle LyricMorph3, needs music winnerkahlo Sunfire 1 2 days 12 hours
Jerry Pettit's picture
New Love ballad DonatedJerry Pettit KateStantonSings... 15 2 days 12 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo Friday on the Brown Couch one-take acoustic Donatedwinnermetalfoot 3 2 days 12 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo Osmium periodictable, one-take acoustic Donatedwinnermetalfoot 2 2 days 12 hours
Edward Roussac's picture
video State of Tranquility psychedelic rock, space, mellow Edward Roussac 1 2 days 13 hours
Wolf Kier's picture
link A Town Called Carnage Wolf Kier 8 2 days 14 hours
coolparadiso's picture
You You You light angst Donatedwinnercoolparadiso greengrassgirl 10 2 days 15 hours
Purple Catfish Bro's picture
Demo You Can Rock cyberrock, You Can Rock winnerPurple Catfish Bro 2 2 days 17 hours
Purple Catfish Bro's picture
Demo Ghost Like Shadows cyberrock winnerPurple Catfish Bro 4 2 days 17 hours
gregwere's picture
link Inside Goodbye alt folk Tuning DGDBGD gregwere 4 2 days 19 hours
djtjb's picture
link ex zombie einstien babe electronic, fawmtronica, spooky Donateddjtjb 3 2 days 20 hours
dzd's picture
Thar She Goes Donatedwinnerdzd 6 2 days 22 hours
splittybooms's picture
Keep On Dancin' electronic, dance Donatedwinnersplittybooms 6 2 days 23 hours