The end is nigh

The end is nigh

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Liner Notes: 

Listened to so much this last few hours got inspired to do one last farewell song. then forgot to post it - must have snuck in by seconds, was fun to do this but much better to go back and listen to 120 that was a real song (and will be the lead on my new album)


The end I nigh
Time goes so fast
Got my memories
And they will last

I try and keep it simple
don’t tell no lies
Coz im not really one
For long goodbyes

Its been so much fun
But now ive got to try
To finish one last song
Before the tank runs dry

So much I could say
But I will remember you
90 days and 90 nights
So much that we've been through

But now its nearly over
Time to close the door
Hoping that next year
Ill be back for at least one more

The end I nigh
Time goes so fast
Got my memories
And they will last

The end I nigh
Time goes so fast
Got my memories
And they will last

The end I nigh
Time goes so fast
Got my memories
And they will last

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What a sweet song of parting for such a great Summer! Well done! And well done on that covetted last song spot by a minute or 2, ( I only pipped that once in 11 years) you guys quicker in Australia! Smile
Thanks so much for all the music, love, and support this Summer, my friend... and with this last lope of mine to the end as well! And for your heroic, probably historic, efforts in the Century Club.
Looking forward to our paths crossing in February! Be safe and wishing you happy skies till then! Hugs, Wolf.

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And with this lovely song we close the door. Beautiful sentiment - I feel every word. See you in FAWM. Peace Smile

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Beautifully sung. I love the harmonica bits, very tasty.

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Absolutely sweet sentiment gorgeously performed! Congrats on the the last song posted! This is the perfect song for that spot! I truly appreciate all of your comments this 50/90 and have, as always, really enjoyed your music and lyrics. Forever a fan!

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Love that harp playing. What a way to start this song. Fitting song to be the last one posted. Glad you filled that spot. Congrats on 121!!!

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Bittersweet for the end. Very good. Love that harmonica. Makes the track so engaging. Here's to another 50/90!

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Lovely song to end this day…the final 50/90 day. I enjoyed the harmonica in there. This has a nice blend and good spirit to it.

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Agree with @kahlo on this one! This is so nicely written, performed, and arranged. A lovely send off to a lovely time.

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A great song to end with. Love the harp playing and the sentiment in the lyrics. You've been amazingly prolific and I've really enjoyed listening to your songs. Thanks for all your comments and looking forward to catching up at FAWM.

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yep as everyone has said, perfect last song of the season. and you deserve that spot too with your heroic commenting. AND so prolific still. congratulations on a stunning 5090 (50! ha!!)

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I think this one might actually be my favorite of yours from this year. A sweet melody, vocal line, and charming lyrics Biggrin

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Lovely last song.. glad you got that spot! I can;t believe it's over!!

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Can’t imagine a better or more apt song to be the last one. You mention it was done as a bit of last minute inspiration, but sometimes those are the best ones! Have another listen in a month and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised! That blues harp is so well chosen and played, perfect partner to your bittersweet vocal. Great tune! Thank you for all your support this summer, has meant so much. And more importantly thank you for writing and sharing so many quality songs!

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Nice apt song to close things off and the harmonica sounds great!

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Such a nice song. Thanks for all the comments and sharing your lyric for our collaboration. I certainly hope to hear you again. I found your podcast yesterday and will definitely give that a listen.

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Oh, wow! This is fabulous, John! A perfect song to close the 50-90 show!

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Great closer! Sweet harmonica too!