She Makes Me Smile

She Makes Me Smile

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Liner Notes: 

******* Thank you to all for the most amazing Summer of music making and music appreciation! Smile So much talent on one website. So many friends made this Summer and so many friendships extended and strengthened, some over a decade old. Thanks to all for the love support input and music!!!! Looking forward to seeing you all at FAWM for the "winter songhunt" *****

I've been working on a final group of 4 tracks for hours now....This is the final one. Takes me to 31 done and dusted from the WK100 project (see my profile notes) YAY! Thanks for all the support, input, and encouragement.

This one from 5090 2012 between Above the Rubble and Some Folks Are Crazy (that was some 5090- 8 tracks from WK100 came from there) and now has it's final (?) wax and polish this moment! I hope you enjoy.

Looking for any mix notes, is there's something I've missed here? Help me put this one to bed. Many thanks.

All listens (and from the past few days) will be returned within 24 hours of close of 5090! Looking forward to it.

Now if you excuse me ima collapse. After 19 hours of crazy!

Hugs, Wolf.

Alt listening link if player fails:


"She Makes Me Smile" by Wolf Kier
copyright Wolf Kier 2013-2021

Ahhhh..... She makes me smile

That summer dress those hazel eyes
that "you mess with me I'll f+++ with you" style
took a while, took a while
but she drives me wild

crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy for the girl

She makes me smile

Things she says always too much
never too little, the girl makes me blush
and that ain't easy, that ain't easy
the way she looks beyond compare
with thick geek glasses and jet black hair

blah blah blah blah...
She makes me smile

She dance like a dinosaur
She love like a tornado
She pick me up
she make me smile
she turn my head round
around around around around


She tells me jokes that make no sense
and then she laughs like Jerry Lewis
but she's the girl that I love best
because she makes me


She makes me smile
She make me
She makes me smile
She makes me smile (she makes me crazy)
She makes me smile

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A very solidly danceable number with clever lyrics. Love it!

kahlo's picture

Yeeeessssssss!! Love that groove and the strong buzzy bass and the cool splashes of fuzzy color. Love the lusty desire of the lyrics and your classy cool vocal delivery! Awesome! Thank you for all of your wonderful music, thoughtful comments, and of course, enthusiastic support for the 10x10 EC!

Valerie Cox's picture

Rock on. This has so much swag! "she laughs like Jerry Lewis" Ha ha! That's so funny. Great description with all the details of this woman. Really solid, and what a cool production.

cts's picture

I'm thinking this is the best of the batch for me; meaning it has that instant "grab ya" factor. If Marilyn Manson actually did a pop song without all the shock value, this would be it (and I do think MM has some great pop sensibilities). I decided to listen to this on my Mac Book Pro and there's a nice mix going on here. I hear quite a bit and that makes for a good track because it's rather frustrating (sometimes) to hear things on a Mac Book.

sbs2018's picture

Wowsa! Love all the usual aspects but especially the “hazel eyes” - makes me smile because my eyes are hazel. Smile

davidtaro's picture

Love all that distortion, it's almost industrial sounding. Super cool. Great tension and release on the 'Dance like a dinosaur' section (great line too!). Nice hook. Lots of energy and power in this one. Well done mate, and thank you generally for all the back and forth this summer. I actually wouldn't have done 50/90 at all without your words of persuasion during FAWM, so thank you for that as well! See you in February...

Spazsquatch's picture

Hell of a track. Has the feel of something I would still listen to a decade or more from now.

cindyrella's picture

Finally got back to this and gosh I am glad I did! Breathtaking and so cool! Thanks so much for your support this year Wolf!

sunnymae's picture

Rock solid! Plodding kick drum? holds it down for the bass riff throughout. Cool stretchy changes in ooh she makes me smile, breaks it up and give one space B4 you go back in.
Aces guitar solo.
Your lyrics are dope as usual:
Dance like a dinosaur
thick geek glasses and jet black hair
Laughs like Jerry Lewis...ha :0))))
This is fucking great...blah blah blah. ;0}

musicsongwriter's picture

I've just finished teaching via zoom and had my volumes high. Forgetting that, clicked on playing your song and almost jumped out of my chair. There is so much power and drive in your song, Wolf. Love the details in your lyrics and music. Such a brilliant choice of harmonies, instruments and your voice is so spiritually connecting with the energy of your song. Absolutely amazing work. Every song has so much to offer. You are a true master of brilliant songs and great surprises. Love the dance feel here. Every instrument is a perfection.

wobbie wobbit's picture

this really rocks! yep very powerful. and sounds great. well done for a great output this summer and for all your encouragement. thanks wolf, keep well and see you in feb x

dzd's picture

Grabbed me from that first extra loud note and never let go. I wouldn't change it, this needs to grab your attention.

Fully agree with Craig on this too, if MM made music I actually liked(I don't hate it its just too reliant on that "shock" and many others have done it wayyyy better)
this would be it, yet its still undeniably you. No notes on this, just tons of ear-candy to soak in, maybe after 30 listens something might pop out, but I doubt it. It's one of those I'm sure will have a different sound/feel on each listen depending on ones own mood.

AndreaB's picture

Glad I came back to listen. This is wild and fun! The lyrics are amusing and kind of weird, but in a really good way. The music and vocals are the bomb. They work so well with the lyrics. I could listen to this over and over. Love it!!