thinkin bout chu (Nightcore Mix).wav

thinkin bout chu (Nightcore Mix).wav

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Liner Notes: 

I did this earlier in the month but didn't want to post it until I hit 50 because it's practically the same song lol. When I posted thinkin bout chu, KateStantonSings suggested in a comment that it would be cool to hear this as a Nightcore remix. I thought hmmm ok, that's something I haven't tried before. So I went to YouTube University for "How to make Nightcore" and learned that you just pop a song in Audacity, speed it up 30% and add a few effects here or there. Ok simple enough, so I did. And as overly simplistic as that was, I think I actually like this version better!

Edit: I updated the mix to be a little more headphone friendly lol (and added some RC-20 flavor for fun!)

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Definitely a good bass and drum groove. I didn't know about Nightcore until I read your liner notes. I like the effect too, it has a lightness by being pitch shifted that way.

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The song is super cool. The swirling panning has me feeling like I’m riding in one of those amusement park teacup rides with a really big strong guy spinning the center control like mad as I slouch helplessly in my seat. Sounds like a worthwhile and fun experiment you took on.

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Oh yeah. This is cool. Such a great hook. That's some great productiin too. I'm only listening on my phone and wishing I had some headphones with me so I could hear all the details you have in this. Great job!

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love the groove. i like rich's comment, the panning did make me feel slightly wobbly! i didnt know i could get audio travel sickness as well as visual (can't watch 1st person video game footage either) anyway it is effective!

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Ooh yes! What a brilliant idea from Kate. This is just awesome. I’m favouriting this on SC. SO glad I went back to find this. I must have missed it from your recent tunes… yeah!

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Listening through my big Adam’s monitors and totally loving the balance of this. Great production!

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NICE! That beat is just bouncing back and forth in my headphones.

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Lol when I listened in headphones, that phaser might be a little much Biggrin

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Definitely dance worthy. Makes me want to move. I love the spoken vocal parts. I have go to get some new headphones and listen again.