almost our prayers

almost our prayers

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Liner Notes: 

Had to sneak one more in before the deadline Smile
As with a good chunk of my titles during 50/90, made with Titular from
See everybody later Biggrin

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Toe taping' and bouncing in my chair. nice

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Wow, this is elation, destruction, a conquering? A battle of euphoria. Nice!

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Epic! So much energy, so many good vibes. Total rave candy. Loved it! Biggrin

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This reminds me of one of those "last call" dances at the club before it shuts down and everyone has to go home. This has such a killer vibe to it, my friend. This is a genre I don't foray too much around, but I like where you took this with familiar turns arrangement-wise, but still marking it with your stamp. Aces!

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I'm already on the dance floor in my head. Love the energy