Case of Mistaken Identity (At The Pearly Gates)

Case of Mistaken Identity (At The Pearly Gates)

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Liner Notes: 

Freud identified late in his life a "death drive" that he called Thanatos, or so I heard tell. I imagine the same kind of instinct is driving me to share this annoying noise. At least it is brief.

And that's it, I promise.

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Ha ha I love the title for this song! It seems very appropriate. Actually not such an annoying noise, It is rather cute.

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Love that synth! I've used similar before. It has its uses. Smile

I enjoyed this. Thanks. Smile

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Nice synth work. Thankfully it didn't provide that death drive you described! Smile

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I will echo the above, super fine synth work my friend. Great choice of sounds for this one. And the broken-up random babbling in the background is so cool. Nice noises.