I Am Now Your Lover

I Am Now Your Lover

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Liner Notes: 

A few minutes ago I found a file called "Nothing Compares 3 U" in my 50 90 folder and thought "what was that?" and it was this. I didn't remember it before but now I hear it it rings a vague bell. It was actually mostly done, and since I haven't got time to actually do any more to it than a quick rerecord of some words, I'll stick it up anyway like it is. I like the idea of using lots of non-swearing swearing in a song, and this isn't that song, but it was sort of trying to be a bit.


I've loved you all my life
Each flipping day
And though I'm bowdlerised
I feel I have to say

It don't mean much of anything
This ruddy world
These words will make you try to sing
To try and curl

I am now your love
I am now that sun
I am now your loving one
plus one plus one

I've loved you from afar
Way over there
Oh won't you shut the front door now
I need some air

I'm just touching love

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So glad you weren’t really done. This was totally worth posting. Had you found it in your file…

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The first song I've ever heard which includes the word ruddy! That's such an old fashioned word. A fun ending to your campaign.

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Very clever lyrics. Top score for including the word 'bowdlerised' and extra points for including it in an appropriate context!