Pulling Me Down

Pulling Me Down

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Liner Notes: 

Ah, why not - here's another that was almost finished so why not just comb its hair and shove it out the door?

Nothing particularly interesting - just a song about being miserable but finding solace in someone.


Why would I wake up the next morning?
Why would I get out of my bed?
What's the point of blinking and yawning?
If the reason for rising is dead?

And why would I speak up in a meeting?
Why would feed coins in a slot?
Why would I care what I was eating?
If I'm trying to love but you're not?

How do I not cry in the daytime?
How do I stay sane in the night?

Then I know
I'm alone
And there's nothing I can do

How'd it get so late in the daytime?
How'd I tell the dawn from the dusk?
Maybe I'll walk out in the water
Maybe I'll crawl back in my husk

How'd I keep doin' things that I want to?
How'd I stop turnin' slowly to dust

Oh, you try to console me
But nothing feels right
Then I know
I'm alone
You're alone too

Pulling me down
making out like lovers
Pulling me down in the night

Pulling you down
making out like lovers
Pulling you down in the night

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Really enjoyed this - wasnt sure where it was going then that line " If I'm trying to love but you're not?" absolutely nailed it! really nicely done - very tricky song with nowhere to hide ! well played

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Really like the production on this one. Your vocal sounds great, really present and just the right amount of processing/effect. Save that setting for future! Nice simple arrangement underneath it. That piano line is cool. Good minor chord bluesy goodness to the whole thing.

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the piano and vocals are gorgeous. Agree with David about your vocal sounding really crisp and present. I love melancholy tunes like this. My favourite bit is: Then I know
I'm alone, You're alone too.... listening on a very grey day and this is mirroring my mood! but then you have that more positive bit at the end which gives it more of an uplifting feel to end with. Nice work!