Last Call

Last Call

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Liner Notes: 

I thought I was done. I cleared the decks. Got all the scrag ends off the unfinished board in my DAW. Unfortunately the muse was nagging me. Someone had mentioned Talk Talk and the 7 out of 8 sequence idea was in my mind again. The repetition. Could I pull it off. So despite the tired brain, I started this at about 8 pm. 4 hours to go. Well I got something and even a lyric idea, hence the title, but if truth be told I'm knackered. I was up late posting the remnants, then up early for work. Sleep working all day. I'm gonna stick it up, then sleep, beautiful sleep. Hope it sounds ok tomorrow, when I try to finish.

Works ok for me. I will remove and reattach link.


Lyrics are forming

Last call for love, last call for life.
Last call for you and me
Last call for everything we see

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Sorry mate, the demo didn't play. Sounds like a great lyric.

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Yeah, thought it might be remedied at this point, but alas it's not. Let me know when it's up. There's promise in them lyrics.

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this has a slow drive, but strong nonetheless. can imagine some Manic Street Preachers style vocals over this. promising lyrics start

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Good writing. The arrangement t is very good, all the instruments blend together very well. You are right it is 'poppy-ish' and that's good!