Last Night

Last Night

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Liner Notes: 

This song originated from a skirmish prompt "Last Night", but it quickly developed into something more. I have started learning the clarinet during 50/90 and I wanted to create something I, as a beginner, could play. Well, recording this turned out to be very difficult. So what you have here is the MuseScore version as a demo. I can't quite play this yet, bet I'm getting closer.

I started writing lyrics to this, but pooped out for the last verse. I noticed that most of the submissions for "Last Night" were about drunken hookups or such that left regrets. I wanted to write something more positive about that magical moment when you meet that soul mate. The last bit of the lyric is place holders to help me get the rhythm of the melody. I know, I'm doing this backwards. I should make the melody fit the lyric. But the melody was so hard to settle that I have tried to do it in reverse. My experience tells me NOT to recommend it to anyone.


Last night was truly magical
from the very moment that we met
I knew that we were meant to be
more than Lovers
your eyes told me that you could see
that something wonderful had brought us two together here.

Dancing, holding you in my arms
it made my heart swell with joy
a feeling that I’d never known
From that moment
I could tell that we would never part
although we have two souls
we share only one heart

Love, is something only
for the bless’d and lucky few
last night the stars aligned
and made our dreams come true

da di dah, de dit da de dah
de la de da de deet de da doh du
du de da deet de da da day-a-o
da da dah de dah,
de la di da di day, de doh
la da de day oh day
da da de de da day- oh day

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Love the clarinet in this bossa nova! Good on you for learning a new instrument. The melody is quite nice. Your lyrics are very sweet and romantic.

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This is absolutely awesome!!! I love the smooth jazzy bossa nova groove. The clarinet melody is delightful and relaxing. Makes me smile! Thanks for all of your comments this 50/90!

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Yes, very nice melody and I appreciate your leaning towards a positive reflection on last night…The boss a nova fits the mood. Good luck with your clarinet playing…

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Hi Russ. Sorry I haven’t listened to as many of your songs this season as I wanted to. I enjoyed this and it reminded me of the bossa nova songs I heard as a kid.

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This is really nice, I like the chords, and the melody. I think the music captures the earnest, positive vibe of the lyrics perfectly. Thanks for all your comments on my songs this year, it has been lovely to have your support. Sorry that I've been a bit of a fairweather listener. I'm planning on listening to a bunch more songs over the coming days so will probably be back this way at some point.