Dancing Queen of the Blues Scene aka Blues Guys

Dancing Queen of the Blues Scene aka Blues Guys

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Liner Notes: 

I thought it would be funny to have a song named "Blues Guys" that borrows the music from "Blue Skies". I don't know if any of you will find it funny, but here it is.
I couldn't find the appropriate female vocalist for this demo so you have to suffer with my attempt at it.
This song story is based loosely on a friend who likes to dance by herself at concerts standing right in front of the PA speakers.


I get up close to the PA system
I like to feel the beat
I’m getting locked into the rhythm
it makes me move my feet

Dancing gets me into the zone
where life is easy and free
it doesn’t matter that I dance alone
its how I would rather it be

[pre-chorus a]
I don’t look at the other dancers
or gaze into the crowd
all I watch is the band on the stage
and sing the words out loud, to those

Blues guys, smiling at me,
dancing with blues guys sets me free
Blues songs, sing ‘em all night
Oh those blue notes make me feel right

The band likes to watch when I jitter
Shake it like I just don’t care
They get the feeling and play even better
while the wall flowers just stare

It doesn’t matter that its hot and sweaty
everybody’s moving around
you can join in whenever you’e ready
‘cause the music won’t let you down

[Pre chorus b] - instrumental


I’m the dancing queen of the blues scene
I boogie all night long
I don’t want romance I just wanna’ dance
that’s enough for me, to have. . .

[chorus 2x]


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NICE...great backing track to a fun set of lyrics. Love the piano...And that classic reference is cool " blues guys" clever.

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I find your songs hilarious. Just seems like you are having so much fun. It’s infectious.

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Ha! This is a fun number. Nicely done, Russ. This has a groovable appeal about it...I was tapping my feet the entire time I was listening. I think you hit all the right buttons with this one.

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That's a funny, clever reference, it works really well and it swings along nicely.

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That's some old school swinging blues you got going on here... and the bluesguys blueskies play is very clever. Well done!
Thanks for the kind words yesterday, wishing you happy skies until FabFeb rolls around and we cross paths again!

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Man, that reminded me of Mose Allison. Lovely bass. Cool tune!