Utah Death Race '99 (Instrumental)

Utah Death Race '99 (Instrumental)

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Liner Notes: 

@cola plays the piano part here.

This is a song that I didn't end up writing lyrics for or feeling inspired to complete. I made another song, "Guts!", to sing with Cola instead of this one. I almost forgot about this track and I figured I'd put up the instrumental on the last day of 50/90 to really empty out everything I did this summer.

This was meant to be a mix of the Who's take on "Summertime Blues" and the first ending song from Shakugan no Shana, "Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo". It didn't really end up as either. I think I did an okay job on the drums here, the rest of the track is nothing unusual for me. Perhaps one day it will get vocals. For now here's the track.

I reused parts of "Space Colony 309", another unfinished track from this summer, on this song.

Overall this was a decent 50/90. I wasn't very engaged this summer and dropped off commenting in July. My output was a bit weird, "Kaletta" and "Your Nightly World" are two of my very best songs. But a lot of what I did was majorly chaotic and kind of unpleasant. Still I finished another album and got a few collabs in.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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cool piano @cola them Kurtis that guitar smashes it and i always love your drumming although these are gentler by your standards. has a slight latiny feel in there. love the riff/solo and the back to piano. up there with the best instrumentals ive heard.

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Fun tune, love where it busts out and the drums arrive. But where’s the piano?

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Nice piano intro....guitar and drums....cool nicely done!

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Those keys really pumped in the emotional factor into your instrumental a lot too bad in only shows up twice ): , a bit too long for me to concentrate on though but I did make to the end. That monstrous drum solo at the end really got the adrenaline going which made the listen worth the wait.