Wah Wahs It All About?

Wah Wahs It All About?

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Liner Notes: 

dzd: I really love this one. I can add in parts from @AndyGetch and @Mt.Mélodie if they show up.

I did resist the urge to put a super glitchy and stuttered out wah pedal freakout from me on about the last 30-40s of this, but its there for my listening pleasure.
I just mixed the tracks from the others here, and really do enjoy it. That's the highest compliment I can give when I can't resist playing along to something.


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Love the mix! I had the some problem, the track was so good that I didn't know what to do... I played it to my girlfriend and asked, "what do you think I should add?", and she replied "nothing, it's perfect as is!", without knowing that I still had to do my part. :-P

I ended up adding the shakers, felt like something I could do. Smile

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I love this mix, it feels like a film score. There is a deep wub wub (ugh I can't think of a better way to describe it) that sounds amazing in my headphones. I've never taken part in these before but will definitely do it again in FAWM, it's so much fun. Thanks to everyone who worked on this to get it posted.

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This is so groovy and rich! Really enjoying my listen. Well done!

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nice groove, and the slide into reggae rhythm is cool. I hope I can get back to hear the other contributions.

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That low end feels so good with headphones on. And the funky/dreamy reggae vibe is cool...it had me swaying at the breakfast table without realizing it. It's all so groovy and atmospheric--a feel-good song for sure

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Gives me the feeling of the end credits to a film with a happy ending.