A Family Together

A Family Together

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Liner Notes: 

Just feeling so very grateful for my family


Completely in love
Feels like from above
Two puppies gently playing
In reality, this is the heaven I've built with my two hands
And a little help from all above

I can't tell you how grateful I feel
My whole world is so different these days
I can't tell you how thrilling it feels to be out of that haze
That lasted for years

And it takes so much time
To get back on that grind
But when you find your flow
You take your time to make it right

And that's what I emote, its no joke
I've got three beautiful kids, puppies and wife in tow
On this journey walking each other home
Each other home

I wouldn't have it any other way
Holding on to every day
Feels like a treat, you see
Elliot, baby things, is coming out
Leia girl, she's the one, she is all the world sometimes
I can't forget, about my Nory, she is the trail to all of this
Holds a family together

With imagination sparks
Well this is who we are
A wife I celebrate
I take every chance to take her on a date
And that's why we'll be alright

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Really beautiful song... and it just *soars* when you get to "I wouldn't have it any other way". Glad family life is such a blessing for you!

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as you should brother! lovely song mate! yup that lift is lovely

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Oh god, that piano intro is GORGEOUS. Lovely soulful R&B melody, really nuanced performance too. I think sometimes the world needs a completely unironic celebration of family, life, love. So pleased for you, sounds like you're in a good and blessed place Smile

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Nothing like gratitude and appreciation. This song communicates that in spades. So great…Lovely piano and singing too.