Above The Rubble

Above The Rubble

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Liner Notes: 

I've been working ona final group of 4 tracks for hours now.... I've the 3 others left to final tweak before the sun sets on this 5090. 3.5 hours. That'll take me to 31 done and dusted from the WK100 project (see my profile notes)

This one started life 5090 2013... and got it's final (?) wax and polish this moment!

Looking for any mix notes, is there's something I've missed here? Help me put this one to bed. Many thanks.

All listens (and from the past few days) will be returned within 24 hours of close of 5090! Looking forward to hearing something other than my own voice! Smile

I hope you enjoy.

Hugs, Wolf.


Above The Rubble (Waits The Sky) Copyright Wolf Kier 2013 2016 2021 wk027

Ah? ah ha ma.... ma
no no no no no

I'm buried in the rubble
and only one eye can see out
I can see the sky
but I can't speak or shout

no no no no no

I can't scream or shout, I can't

They say that in the sky
reside both meteors and heaven
but the questions that I need to ask
concern neither

I can't

I can't scream or shout
I can't, no?
I can't scream or sh-
out out out out sh-out shout shout

A tornado it came calling
that's what got me in this jam
I can see the sky
but I can't feel either hand
my time is covered over
I can't feel either hand
I wait for blessed saviors
every woman every man

no no no no no...

I can't scream or
I can't scream or
I can't scream or speak

I can't scream or sh-

no no no no no ah ah

Goodness knows but he won't tell
If this jam is just my living hell
and in a moment of real weakness
I allow myself to weep (weep)
but only goodness knows (weep weep)
and he won''t tell (sh.................)

I can't scream or shout
I can't scream or sh....out
I can't scream or shout

no no no no no ah ah

no no no no no
no no no no no

ah? no.

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coolparadiso's picture

nearly there, nearly there! i love the almost military drumming and that little no no in the back! No insightful suggestions . This is really good!

wobbie wobbit's picture

yeah i like the snare part. the fragmented lyrics, shout etc are really effective. sounds really good and has a really good vibe. nice one again

cindyrella's picture

Great drums and it feels like I'm in a movie (or one of my dreams!). You have accomplished such wonderous songs Wolf! Bravo!

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

This is really unique and fresh, love the monotone vocal delivery and the layers of "no no nos" in the background. Love the lyrics. This is awesome!

Ferry Colyer's picture

Thunder-snare, love it! I was thinking maybe in the 0.46-1.00 part you could do some slight loudness-variations as for the snare? I like that repeating guitar melody in the intro, it drew my attention. Exciting progression in the song is going on overall!

dzd's picture

Another excellent bass tone and playing here. Its creepy and lurking, and it accents that incessant snare perfectly. I loved, loved, loved, that second jumbled break around 1:30. I guess we know what caused the rubble Biggrin

Only goodness knows but he won't tell.......is such a great line! and this thing is just full of hook!