Didn't See That Coming

Didn't See That Coming

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Didn't See That Coming (50/90)

Liner Notes: 

A fitting final song for me because I've had a lot of issues with writer's block and motivation this year, and written a lot of frivolous skirmish songs that I don't care about (especially relationship songs, which are imo extremely easy to write, but being a long-term single person, they are not personally meaningful so I find them a lot less interesting than other topics).

I wrote a song I was really happy with yesterday, so I don't mind that I had to write one I didn't like much today, especially when I got almost no sleep so the mental energy for creativity just isn't there.

I used two skirmishes AND a 10 random words list to write this song. Skirmish #1 theme was use both "missed" and "mist," and skirmish #2 theme was the title "Didn't See That Coming." The randomly generated words I included were: familiar, spontaneous, accident, will, observation, notice, reproduce, director, guarantee, union (not in that order, that's just the order from the song). So basically I had the title, and 12 words to use haha. I definitely used a weird structure to fit everything in, and the melody is not very interesting, but at least I got everything in there! Also I kind of feel like parts of this are good and could be the start to a good song.


You found me alone in a crowded room
And you said that I looked familiar
I still remember the fog and the mist
Out on the street as we left together
You were so fun and spontaneous

You were always so polite
And then one day you were Mr. Hyde
And I didn't see that coming

I suppose I ignored too many hints
I suppose I missed all of the signs
Every time you failed it was an accident
You had a will of iron

I'd make an observation but I'd shake it off
You'd give me a warning but I wouldn't notice
I found proof that I couldn't reproduce
You were the star and director of this show
But then no one ever gets any guarantee
If you're dumb enough to form a union with another human being

You were always there for me
And then one day you just went away
And I didn't see that coming

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your style allows you to be creative in structure and it is on display here. i like the Hyde reference! nicely done and for for all your block you have turned out some really cool songs this 50/90

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A very good song. The lyrics are very good in telling the story.

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I like the structure and your creative approach to generating lyrics. There are definitely some gems in here like the Mr. Hyde line. I hope you'll keep working with this!