They Took the Colors With Them

They Took the Colors With Them

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Liner Notes: 

Wacha Says - Cindy asked me a while ago if I would like to work on this one and I really liked the lyrics so I was very happy to work on this with her. This is not my strongest demo but I wanted to make sure I got this one done before the end of 50/90. I took on way to many collabs and stuff outside 50/90 which caused a bit of burnout so I didn't make it through all the songs I had wanted to but I wanted to make sure I go to this one.

I feel like there could be better distinction between the verses and the bridge but I also kind of liked it so I went with it.


They Took the Colors With Them
© 2021 Cindy Prince

A message in a dream
Of my late brother and his mate
He'd come back to life for a moment
His message could not wait

He said he'd soon be leaving
Had to go back to the other side
He had come back for his true love
With a message he'd provide

Pre chorus
I saw hillsides covered in flowers
Then I looked back and they were gone

They took the colors with them
I said to nobody there
The hillsides were now just dusty ground
They took the colors with them
And I was somehow aware
That their message was rather profound

Where did the flowers go?
I think they went to build a rainbow

His message I think was this
The rainbow was of pride
Love is love is love
Both here and the other side

Repeat chorus and prechorus

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a really good Cindy lyric that suits you, pretty sad song and you capture the emotion!

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I'm so happy you got to this! It was such a moving dream and I so wanted it to be a complete song. Love the guitar and the emotion in your vocals! Thanks so much for this gift!

wobbie wobbit's picture

nice imagery, with the tying together of the colours, the rainbow, and pride symbol. well told economically yet vividly. the demo has a lovely wandering and wondering flavour and suits the vulnerable emotion of it perfectly. beautiful collab both of you.

Valerie Cox's picture

Touching both lyrically and musically. I really love the emphasis on love being love here AND beyond. I think Catherone captures the magic of the dream.

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Well done ... a great set of lyrics in which Catherine has woven a wonderful melody around.

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What a great job done with Cindy's touching image filed lyric. Taking color away is just magic! and the sadness of it's loss is felt in the delivery. Moving. Well done both of you. Great song.

And thanks to both of you for all the love, support, encouragement, great words and music, this magical Summer of ours!
Looking forward to our paths crossing again for FabFeb, which is just around the corner! Happy holidays to you both as well.
Hugs, Wolf.

Serene's picture

Love the vivid imagery and Catherine's vulnerable voice in this, it's very emotional. The guitar part also makes it very mesmorising. Lovely collab

Donna Devine's picture

What a lovely - albeit poignant - story, Cindy. Very moving. Fine music and compelling vocal performance from Catherine. Great collaboration on which to approach the end of this year's 50-90. Smile

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Very creative lyrical way to communicate intertwined concepts. It works great. Always top notch singing and guitar. Glad I finally got to listen to this.