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Liner Notes: 

As we began our voyage and headed towards the sunless sea,
the skies darkened. A storm moved in, and everything became still.
It was as if the seas were warning us that our journey was about to take a turn.
Ahead of us in the waters a large dark shadow appeared. At first still, and then
rapidly making it's way to our ship.
I had to tell the crew to hold fast and not to leave their posts.
Panic was quickly sweeping through everyone.
And then it rose from the water.
Piercing eyes, gleaming teeth.
Larger then any tree or shipmast I had ever seen.
Rahab, the sea dragon, loomed over our ship.
Staring at our crew. It asked if we would be so bold as to seek
"The Will of the Sea". As captain it was my duty to speak to this beast.
It took all my courage to muster an "Aye".
The monster then told us to prove our worth
and it would guide us to the edge of the sunless sea...
-Captain of the Seahawk. Voyage Day 6 - edge of the Sunless Sea

Part of the upcoming album "The Voyage of the Sea Hawk" Releasing 10.22.2021


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yup very cinematic, really good changes and build and falls! Nice track

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I was definitely not expecting the weird and wonderful aural journey this took me on. This has some seriously cool sounds. I love how the beat keeps evolving, and you keep the variety flowing throughout the whole piece. Really nice work!