Tunes of the heart

Tunes of the heart

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Liner Notes: 

My crazy collab buddy and very good friend challenged me to finish of this year’s 50/90 with a song about the 2021 songwriting journey. So I’ve written a bit of an epic which actually incorporates each one of our 49 other tracks in the lyrics, in some way. But also it’s a bit of an ode to music itself. We all need music in these times (and a bit of humour, for good measure).
I’ve had an absolute blast during this year’s challenge and have enjoyed checking out all your contributions too. Thanks for your encouraging comments and being a damn fantastic community!!

Lyrics: glyne3
Vocals/music/epic performance: Steven X Davies


Started out with words fawming (Fawming).
Welcome release in a time of mourning (Mourning).
Sought inspiration in the world around me.
Locked down. Yeah, we were all drowning.
You lit the fireworks under me (under me).
Kept the magnolias blooming wonderfully (magically).
And despite everything, we got through (or did we?).
With the help of some silly tunes (all fifty!).

Whole damn world’s rethinking what life means.
Family so close, but out of reach.
Crying out for help in some desperate scenes,
Lying awake at night, ‘cos we just can’t sleep.
We haven’t hadn’t a decent rest for two years straight,
It’s taken a toll but it’s still not over, mate.

And yeah it’s helping, all the praying
But I guess I’m just saying
We could all use more music in our lives.

Barely existing, just co-habitating (tating).
Spending my days procras-turbating (bating).
And I see myself down, deep down in the gorge.
Dazed, I’ll keep singing notes and hit record
The warden ain’t letting me out of my cell,
So I sit clinging to the scraps of my personal hell.
And despite everything, I’m still bumbling through (drank a few).
With the help of my fifty tunes (thank you).

Oh… Hey there you! We haven’t talked for a while.
We both put on a brave face. We pretend to smile.
‘Cos we’ve rehearsed this part pretty well.
Nothing else to do, got no stories to tell.
So take it easy, we can’t change a thing.
It may not be bliss but that would be boring.

And yeah it’s helping, all the praying
But I guess I’m just saying
We could all use more music in our lives.

The clouds all gather and it’s getting dark (cloudy),
Even the moon’s hiding his usual snark (proudly).
And he bundled it away with no goodbye,
So I’ll act like I’m fine, you won’t see me cry.
And I’ll watch TV until the storm subsides,
Pure and simply starving the beast inside.
We’re always searching, for something more (what for?),
‘Cos we can’t go back to how it was before (no more).
Every chord I write is filled with thick deceit,
But you need rotten notes, to make a song complete.
Can’t let it go to waste, see I feel the heat.
I’m the air unlovable no one wants to breathe.

So we sigh, exhale, let the curse take hold.
Oh, there’s no salvation for us tin-hat a**holes.
Step out of the bedroom, Gladys. Put away the crack.
‘Cos we’re all pining. Just want our families back.
Let me share with you my fresh epiphany.
I know you agree it’s mighty big of me.
My theory is that this world is going sour.
Decaying at a rate of knots every hour.

It’s a mess, a damn mess baby, what’s the use --
Of showing zeal when tied to our 9-to-5 noose?
I should have known from the very first moment,
The spotlight’s on us, and we’ve pretty much blown it.
Viva! To the brave. And the ones who got away.
You’ve got blisters to show for it. Hmmm, are we okay?

And yeah it’s helping, all the praying
But I guess I’m just saying
We could all use more music in our lives.

It could cure all the hurt, and make the dark seem bright (all right).
It’s worth all my pennies, I would pay any price (so right).
To communicate the way we did, way back when,
When we used our morning brains and practiced zen.
If we all wrote fifty songs. Imagine what we’d have!
A lot of happy and I’m sure quite a few more, sad.
It would be like a diary of all of our lives.
Bring us together and keep the love alive.

And yeah it’s helping, all the praying
But I guess I’m just saying
We could all use more music in our lives.

When it comes down to what makes our hearts beat,
Music somehow takes the unbearable and makes it sweet.

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phew what a lyric and epic style musical delivery! well played guys!

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I can feel the covid stranglehold. You have captured it well. I love the idea that music can keep us happy and sane. This is really good! I enjoyed the listen.

Keep writing and making music. Hope to see you both in February Smile