Floating Away Into Dreams

Floating Away Into Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

Hey there, it's Fuzzy!!

So this tune is part of the Multi Track Multi Collaborator challenge (http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/multi-track-multi-collaborator-challenge).
Only @dzd sent in some music to go with @AndyGetch's original rhythm track. As I'm the "stitcher", I just added the dialogue from an old educational film and here ya go, a collaboration!

Mixed for headphones, as usual!

See you all at FAWM!!!


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This did turn out really great! Hopefully these challenges continue in future 50/90s and maybe even fawms. Though I think probably more suited to the 50/90 format. Excellent and very fitting choice of an educational film!

This reminds me of a psychology class I had when the professor brought in someone who specialized in hypnosis therapy. She had a little nylon string and was just going over some ways she'd try to slip people into hypnosis. She played lovely and had a great voice so it had the opposite effect on me, but after about 2 minutes of her playing and saying all these relaxing things there were quite a few snores coming from the room Biggrin

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turnmed out good, very catchy in a slightly weird way! but compulsive listening from the off.

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floaty indeed! lovely instrumental parts and the clip works beautifully. love the stitching. very lovely listen

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Sounds great, but it really is (not) relaxing at all, it's almost like a creepy denists demand that you relax before he lurches over you and lunges in for a root canal. But that adds to the excitement/irony/uneasieness created here. Much more than the sum of it's parts, beautifully put together. Well done!

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This is pretty much how most of my meditations go. I'm really glad to see these additions to the base tracks. Thanks everyone for participating!

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Really fun, love the warbly outer-space guitar with the dialog. The leg muscles... again and again....Great photo to go with this. Great use of the stereo field!