Our Love Has Come Around

Our Love Has Come Around

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Liner Notes: 

If ever there was a collab that was a labor of love, this is it. Let me just make you a quick list of what this collab has survived. K.C. could probably add as much or more to the list. Smile

2 vacations
1 emergency trip to Canada
1 Reaper lesson
2 cases of complete work overload
~ 57 emails
1 moving of gear to an office for the actual opportunity to record parts
1 additional Reaper lesson
3K of various tech issues
1 dead uke string that drove the mixologist crazy the whole time but she was too lazy to rerecord
28,7459.78569 arguments with Musey about the bridge
1 middle of the night in-depth Reaper lesson on EQ, comp, and... something else...... (Thanks Rob!)
and last but certainly not least, 1 forgotten laptop charger resulting in 1 dead laptop right in the middle of final mixing

I would also like to say how ridiculously proud of K.C. I am! He stuck with it, moved past fears, tech issues, and challenges, and kicked some serious a**. <3

Lyrics: K.C., with love from Adnama17
Uke: Adnama17
Bass: K.C.
Guitar: K.C.
Melody Vox: Admana17
BGVs: K.C. and Adnama17


I wake up in the early morning
Watch your blankets rise and fall
The sun is getting ready
Peeking over horizon

If you’d woke you'd catch me smiling
I might quickly look away
I can’t imagine life without you
Without you every single day

We were standing in the same light
2000 miles apart
Lookin’ at the full same full moon
I could feel you in my heart
Now your here, safe and sound with me
Our love has come around
Our love has come around

Steamy coffee on the back porch
By the pond, miles of woods
Sun and shade play hide and seek
No more hide and seek for us

I watch your blankets rise and fall
Your breath barely makes a sound

Now we’re sharing sunlight
Sharing moonlight
Every single day

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This is GREAT. It survived a to get here but look at it now. It's a full fledged awesome track. It's all grown up. It's had a full life. And it turned out super well. Wonderful collab you two. Be proud, it's great.

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I love how the internets let people do these sort of long distance collaborations! Nice work folks!

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this is really good. i absolutely love that bass and uke over it! got some really interesting changes vocals ( very like a bit in a beatles song) well done.

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Adnama17 lead the way... I was along for the ride! I learned a lot and had a blast! A17 Your top notch! Thanks for not letting me simply hand-off lyrics!

Great job on the final!!

Now I can smoke them stems!! And, email them everywhere!!

Casey - LoL