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Error 503

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Liner Notes: 

metalfoot: Rayna came up with the Error 503 challenge back when the site was blowing up a little. And she gave me this lyric which I took WAY too long to add music to, but here it is. Sadly, I had to fire the string quartet at the last moment but they were paid, anyway. I hope you enjoy!

vivalarayna: My original thought was a dramatic song of unrequited love. I wasn't sure if the object of affection was just ignoring the narrator... or if they were really a malfunctioning android/robot. I'll let the listener decide for themselves.

Alex was kind enough to bring my goofy lyrics to life and I haven't stopped jumping up and down since. It's way more production than I ever imagined possible and I'm so grateful for the time, effort, and talent he put into my first collaboration. I hope you love this as much as I do!

P. S. - that string quartet deserved to go and don't let them tell you otherwise.


Verse 1
I sent you roses
And a bottle of champagne
Even sang you love songs
While standing in the pouring rain

I drove all night
Just to serve you breakfast in bed
But my heart was shattered when
You looked at me and said

Error 503 Service Unavailable
I cannot handle your request at this time
My servers are overloaded
And my circuits are getting fried
Error 503 - your request is denied

Verse 2
I sent a flash mob
To sing you "Happy Birthday"
Wrote "I love you" in the sky
Even learned to crochet

I got your name
Tattooed across my chest
But your reaction
I never could have guessed


Verse 3
I bought you a title
From a Scottish Barony
Even named a star after you
In a far off galaxy

I'd climb Mt. Everest
Swim across the Atlantic Ocean
I'd crawl on broken glass
For an ounce of your devotion

But all you've ever said is


Maybe if I were Tony Stark
You'd look at me and feel a spark
Yeah, if I were a billionaire
I'd fly us in my rocket through suborbital air
Oh, but when I ask if you care

All I hear is

(Chorus x 2 - out)

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What a emotive performance! Nice job @metalfoot! Really interesting lyrics, and I love the circuit references. Cool chords also.

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These lyrics are delightful, and the melody is super catchy! Love those backing vocals on the final choruses.

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I really like this. For me it works both ways... I'm going to go with heartbreak from the un-reciprocated love from a "worker" robot though Biggrin

Great performance and arrangement! Feel bad for that string quartet though....there's definitely space for it, but really great as it is, it makes the distorted line and harmonies coming in later that much more powerful being just 1v1 for a bit. Great job!

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It is a very good lyric (i really like verse 2) and you nailed it Alex. nice collaboration

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There's something about this that just screams "teenage angst". Done really well, too. That chorus is great. Well done both of you! (Even if you did break the site. Wink )

Awesome song.