Silent Insecurities

Silent Insecurities

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@richaaaay: Wow...I love this song. I sent Serene a phone recording with a few vocal phrases pointing in the general direction for a song. Mostly though it was lots of gibberish. Serene took my sketch of an idea and brought it to life with beautiful lyrics, her heavenly voice and lots of patience. Thank you Serene. I'm so glad we collaborated on this...

@Serene: I don't know what to say other than I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS SONG! Love it ARGH


Silent Insecurities © Serene Sunderland 2021

Babe, where did you go?
Not seen you since the snow buried the fall
We were heady, but I thought we would last
Guess sometimes the seasons change too fast

I miss you in my arms
We built a stronghold, so we’d be unharmed
But we were breaking from underneath
Oh the silent insecurities

Babe, know I did you wrong
When I called it quits when we'd just begun
Back from Brooklyn,
Not a cross word was said
It's just that my mind was racing and it got ahead

I miss being in your arms
We built a stronghold, so we’d be unharmed
But we were breaking from underneath
Oh the silent insecurities

What if we took this day by day?
Promised to work through all our pain?
We owe it to us to try, darling don't run and hide
Oh the silent insecurities

I miss you in my arms
With you I'm stronger and I am safe from harm
Will you hold me through my fear and
All my silent insecurities?
Silent insecurities

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Nice theme on the season change, that (for me) really brings yearning into it.

I like the traded vocals, and then floating into a nice duet on "miss being in your arms". Very strong as a duet.

I like the idea of taking it day by day, that's really all we can do, ever.

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Bloody hell guys, talk about saving the best until last! I think this is one of my 50/90 favourites. Your voices work incredibly well together (you must do more). The elegant fingerpicking folk guitar (who's playing that btw?) is properly high class in the vein of Damien Rice, Laura Marling... that kind of thing. When Serene's voice comes in on the second verse, it's a proper jaw drop moment. And then the words... the words are so so good. I love how they're ambiguous and complex - there's no obvious solution here - just like life. Well done. Genuinely. And thank you for posting in time!

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Oh man - hurry up and put out an EP already! This is a wonderful collaboration. I agree with David in that your vocals are pure satisfaction. This the kind of songs I miss hearing on the radio or even on a television special. I'm quite fascinated as to how you two were able to make this work. I can only hope that I can do that at some point.

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I saw this collaboration and HAD to listen. It is phenomenal! The words touch on how delicate love can be. Your voices are so beautiful together, and the guitar very sweet. I am a huge fan of you both. Congratulations on this amazing song.

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Ooh this is beautiful! What a catchy chorus! This is lush with melodic highlights. You have such a lovely voice Serene. You should build this up into a bigger production. It’s just gorgeous! Hats off to your work here guys.

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when i saw you 2 i knew it would be good! Love the pace and deliberate movement of the song. David Taro is right the scene is so well set then Serene blows it away when she comes in! Certainly one of the best

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what a beautiful collab. everything about it is just right. lovely vocals from both of you and such a poignant vibe. love the lyrics and the music. very well done indeed!

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A lovely song, so well performed and produced. Love the fingerstyle guitar and the triplet pulse throughout the song.

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My, oh my! More please! I didn't want this beauty of a song to end! It takes you places in your mind. Lovely vocals. Poignant lyrics. The guitar strings pull at my heartstrings. Beautiful job.