Crazy Daisy

Crazy Daisy

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Liner Notes: 

I couldn't add much to the former, but I took the feeling and had just enough fun as the guys before me. maybe even some more Smile


driving like crazy
through fields filled with daisies
and the thought of you

you've been driving me crazy
oh my dear old Daisy
but my bicycle was made just for one/fun

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This is a super fun listen! I already loved it before it came back around uptempo a second time. That bicycle makes some amazing sounds too! I had to go grab headphones and give this a few listens. Was that just a flute/recorder? or was it an actual air pump? ya know what, who cares, sounded great!

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Definitely continues the feeling of playfulness from the earlier tracks in the morph. Splendidly inventive and I can remember playing tunes on a bike pump like this when I was a kid! Fun fun fun indeed!

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this is good, some really interesting sounds and a clever play on that old song!