Little Girl duet

Little Girl duet

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote these lyrics about a month ago for a possible collaborative duet. Not sure if the music will be happening on this one. Life gets busy. (It has a tune and recording but my SoundCloud account is filled up, and I just don’t feel like going through and deleting any more of my songs on there to make room….)


Little Girl duet

(Little Girl) Hello, me, in the future—
Tell me how the world is great.
Flying cars and cures for cancer
Did we rid the world of hate?
Is the water cleaner there?
Have we resolved air pollution?
Did I do enough to spare?
Tell me, what is the solution?

(Older Me) Keep on learning, keep on going
Don’t despair with what I say
Honestly, these needs are growing
Just keep doing your best today
The planet’s in a state of crisis
Diseases, floods, and fires abound
Innocents killed by ISIS—
Terrorism the world around

Chorus (together):
We’re surviving
We’ll get to thriving
Keep on holding onto hope.
When we fall flat
We learn from that
We carry on and find the rope
Sing out loud. Sing out strong
Sing your worries into wonder
Of how we can get along

(Older Me)
Little me…
What would you think of me
If you joined me at this time?
All those lofty dreams
Splitting at the seams
There’s no reason to my rhyme…
I forgive your weakness; can you forgive mine, too?
I won’t surrender. Somehow we’ll make it through.


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wow this is a great write, brilliant idea for a song and i really hope you get to make it as i'd love to hear this to music. well done!

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I did a similar song several years ago from the POV of writing to my younger self. I think these are great reflective angles that are highly relatable/universal. I hope you find time for the music!

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"Sing out loud. Sing out strong
Sing your worries into wonder" I cannot wait to hear you sing this!! A beautiful write. Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement, Colleen! See you during FAWM!