Down to the wire

Down to the wire

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Liner Notes: 

Life got in the way this year. I thought I'd knock the finish line out of the park now that I no longer have a day job. My father's cancer decided otherwise.

I've enjoyed what I have managed though. And really enjoyed the collabs I was privileged to take part in. Thank you all. Smile

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You've had a pretty rough summer by all accounts. I'm very grateful that you managed to get any music done at all and it's been very enjoyable listening to your work; I don't think I'd have done as much in your situation.

This is delightfully weird, from the big drums to the unexpected vocals.

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Enjoyed listening to this. Particularly love your guitar playing. The tone you get out of your instrument is fantastic. Serious chops you’ve got there. Sorry life got in the way for you this summer. Good luck with that…