She Belongs With Me (Boar's Foot Feast)

She Belongs With Me (Boar's Foot Feast)

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Liner Notes: 

Boar's Foot Feast: 24 songs in about 7 hours.
Song #13


She's the strongest woman that I'll ever know
Never too high, never too low
There's only one thing that I know
She belongs with me

There's no-one in the world that I love more
No-one else that I'd die for
I know it now just like before
She belongs with me

No matter what comes to pass
I will keep her safe
I'll lock her away where they won't find a trace

I tell her not to worry it'll be okay
I get her food, I wash her face
I'll take care of her all through the day
'Cause she belongs with me
She belongs with me
She belongs with me

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I wish you’d abduct me. I fit well in any size trunk. I’m a big guy but I’ll make it work. Just leave my wife one of those notes with lettering cut from magazines…just no men’s health magazines.