lunar ii

lunar ii

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Liner Notes: 

really tried to do NO drums. I never quite make it though. Some day Biggrin

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I liked the tweaked toy piano feel. The mix is good, too. Sound great. That delayed bit, especially in the middle, solo section reminds me slightly of Ray Lynch... which I found amazing back in the day. Almost made it but I like the drums and the added feel at the end as a contrast. But that first more than half was stellar.

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I like what happens at 50 seconds or so. Not exactly certain what I'm listening to but it's chill'n. Digging the dynamics too. The building and settling down. Good mix too.

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You're like a sonic sorcerer. Or maybe a noise necromancer. Or a tone thaumaturge even. There's so many little textures going on here, what a ride! Personally I'm fine with those drums coming in for the final act. You've built the tension with those low, thrumming synths, it deserves the release that only a massive subby kick can provide!

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So many lovely touches in this. The section around the 2:05 mark really got me paying attention. And when the kick finally arrives and the rhythm of the opening marimba part drops into place, it's like a lightbulb going on. Had to listen to this twice to figure out how you'd done it. Really neatly done.

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so much in here to listen to! very enjoyable listen - that beat is strong! nice one