Good Cookin' Woman (Boar's Foot Feast)

Good Cookin' Woman (Boar's Foot Feast)

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Liner Notes: 

Boar's Foot Feast: 24 songs in about 7 hours.
Song #9


My baby's cooking for me, she treats me right
I get a taste of her dumplings most every night
We'll eat all night long if she's in the mood
Gotta finish desert, don't wanna be rude
Gotta good cookin' woman
Don't wanna let her down

Put my bread in her oven and it's starting rise
Well, my baby's cooking's as good as advertised
Gotta get started early so we will have time
If it takes too long we'll catch up from behind
Gotta good cookin' woman
Don't wanna let her down

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Oooooo ya. Psychedelic era meets indie rock…sick dude…just saw you’re in MO, you ever go to S&J snocones? Treat yourself if not…also can’t think of MO without thinkin of parliament’s Box Elder

This one went double hard in the paint!

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You cooked up some delicious music hear! Fabulous guitar, great groove, and fun lyrics! Wonderful rock/rockabilly feel!