My Secret Lover

My Secret Lover

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Liner Notes: 

Colleen: This is my first collaboration with Andrea. So flattered that she reached out to me to set this great skirmish write to some music!!! I look forward to future collaboration opportunities!


You are the nightmare
I dream every night
I fear, yet I need you
I know it's not right

As I lie next to him
I turn a cold shoulder
While desires for you
Bristle and smoulder

My secret lover
The pain only grows
I hate how I love you
But, I can't let go

You are the ghost
That haunts all my thoughts
Twisting and turning
My stomach in knots

He is a good man
And I am a creep
I should forget you
But, I'm in too deep

My secret lover
The pain only grows
I hate how I love you
But, I can't let go

My secret lover
Temptation is sorrow
Meet me tomorrow
I hate how I love you
But, I can't let go

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Ahh what a beautiful adaptation by Colleen! Gorgeous harmonies and guitar. I can hear the agony in Andrea’s lyrics and think many can relate to harbouring unwanted feelings. Nice collab you two

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Bittersweet lyric. I can feel the conflict in the words. Love Colleen's vocal delivery and guitar playing. Great collaboration.

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Wow, Colleen, this is so emotional. Thanks for collaborating with me. You have a true gift. It's beautiful Smile

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Lots of emotion here. I was hearing a different musical treatment when I read the lyrics and this is what's so great about colloborating! I never this in my head but hearing it now like it a lot!

Great work guys!!


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Wow, the deep conflict comes through in the first line and just carries through in the whole song. Great writing lyrically and a strong musical accompaniment make this a splendid collab.

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Really upbeat, great use of strumming. I like the vocals too!