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Liner Notes: 

This one is so soppy I almost didn't post it.. I wrote this some weeks ago for my 10 year old, Reuben, who I call champion as he gives everything 100% and is such a great kid.. We had a bit of a wobble over the last few weeks as he was sitting some very difficult exams for grammar school entrance (selective secondary school but non fee paying so highly sought after) and there were some tears and panic about not feeling ready and possibly failing... It's quite a lot of pressure for such a young age. life eh?

On a recording note.. can anymore more experienced tell me how I can stop the popping that happens when I sing words like 'palpable'?! I have a pop shield but it hasn't done much! Thank you muchly!!


Mountain of work on your desk, still a child no less
The growing pains are palpable, this juncture inescapable
Pressure like you’ve never known before
Fear and worry mounting at your door
This ride is so emotional, teardrops are inevitable

Whatever happens, whatever happens, you’re my champion (x2)

Failure is a hard thing to accept,
Faith is a difficult concept to understand
But trust me, if things don’t go to plan, it won’t be the end



I’ve watched you fall down and get up many times, it’s not that different this time (x2)


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Awww. Glad you did post, it's lovely. I remember in nursery, one of the carers used to refer to my youngest as her 'champion' and it never failed to make me glow with pride. Your champion sounds like a dude, who will almost certainly be fine because he's working hard, but like you say even if things don't go to plan you'll be there for him and it'll all be fine.

That chorus melody is so sweet and catchy, augmented by those tasteful harmonies. I really really like the line 'Faith is a difficult concept to understand'. Sounds like a John Lennon-ism.

On the plosives, maybe read up on optimal positioning for the shield, mic and you? Might just be a case of changing the distances or angles. I didn't really notice any massively prominent Ps though, so I wonder if you're also being slightly hypercritical of your own work Smile I think you can try and treat them once they're in your DAW, but it sounds like quite a surgical and annoying process.

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Glad you posted it. Beautiful performance all around heartfelt and evocative. Harmonies on point.

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Oh Serene, this is a beautiful heartfelt and supportive song. My children need to hear this…like DT pointed out, your line “Faith is a difficult concept to understand”, is so spot on. Just a wonderful sentiment to this. You know I am a fan of your singing so getting a dose of that is always so satisfying.

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this is to good to be hidden! Its a beautiful song! this really could be a world known song it has all the right basic elements! uplifting we need more of these!

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What David said re the P’s or ‘plosives’… they’re not avoidable but you can use a de-esser to take some of it away (also useful for fricatives and those slippery ssss) and make sure there is a hand width between your condenser mic and your pop shield.

Beautiful song and sentiment. My kids are 12 & 7 and I get soppy when I write about them too!

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This is a truly beautiful, heartfelt song. I'm very glad you chose to share it. I tend to want to shy away from the more sensitive songs but hey are the ones that people really tend to connect with.

You can try taping a pencil dead center on the microphone to help with the pops when you say the letter P. I've never tried it because I use crappy live mics to record with but I have a friend who had a proper home set up and swears by this.

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Argh, I love it. Nice middle 8, just different enough to give the song a different a different dimension while fitting like a glove. Really nice performance, and the harmonies really do a nice job of giving appropriate colour to the melody.

My songs for my children often come off as neurotic, but that's probably a fair reflection of their writer. This just sounds loving, concerned, reflective. Pah!