No No No!

No No No!

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Liner Notes: 

So i wrote the tune for my first Feast / Album In A Day, this 50/90 but couldn't find the words. I liked the tune but nothing would come to me lyric=wise until 3pm today. still not wild about it but it's good enough to finish my 50/90 so .... It's inspred by a real friend who likes to invite me to awful monied events, which I always turn down.


"Would you like to partake in some lemonade?
It's been freshly made
By our new housemaid
Can I interest you in a masquerade
To congratulate
Our new head of state?"

No, no, no!
One thousand times I will say no!
Can't think of anywhere I'd like less to go
You think by now you'd already know. "Oh."

"Would you care to partake in a promenade
A gay escapade
Laughing at the underpaid?
Can I interest you in carousing
Round sheltered housing?
It is quite arousing."

No, no, no!
I despise your tory party show
I've known you now at least twenty years
Get the bloody message and get out of here right now!

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