Come Home

Come Home

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Liner Notes: 

Well, here we are at the end of all things. This is the last of the bits I had hanging around from early on... well, there are loads more, but they are all quite unfinished. I was toying with the idea of sticking them all together into one mega and terrible Happiness Is A Warm Gun. But as I have been moaning recently, I am very. much. out. of. juice.

I quite like this, but I haven't had time to do words, so I'll just leave it as this and let it float free, a balloon filled with poisonous flatulence, free to ascend. I wanted to do a mother's lament, as I think they can be quite lovely. Need to make more sense than this.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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It sort of makes sense as a 50th song. There's a sweeping grandeur to the chorus melody, with those big synth guitar hits. The elephant in the room is probably hearing a middle aged man singing in the voice of a mother, but I'm more than happy to gloss over that because, as always, you are doing things in your own unique and inimitable fashion. Which is superb. I like the introduction of that cello sound in the bridge. And the way certain sung notes seem to be tailing off before you bend them into interesting new directions. It is anything but a balloon filled with poisonous flatulence, although I'm sure if you did choose to create such a thing it would sound pretty decent.

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I immediately loved the sullen and somber sound bleeding through my headphones. The minimalist approach with the instruments, the vocals in different layers, and the lyrics reminded me of something A Perfect Circle might do. It was really cool to take a ride through the 3 minutes or so of your song. Outstanding job, I really liked it.

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Enjoyed this. I know I'm always in for a pleasant surprise. So tempted to comment on that balloon but I'm gonna pass...

It's been such a pleasure listening to your songs. Thanks for putting in the effort to make things in your own special way. It's much harder that way. Significantly more work, but as a listener I totally appreciate it.