Castle Dragondreams Garden Party Blues

Castle Dragondreams Garden Party Blues

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Liner Notes: 

Well... here it is, just under the wire.

It turned into less of an arena event and more of a back garden barbecue, but with fabulous guests.

Cast, in order of appearance...

@wobbie wobbit and the Castle Dragondreams House Band kick us off.
@darcistrutt then takes up the baton to sing a love song to her beloved gargoyle, Geoffrey.
Then Darci is joined by @cblack and @nate.gerry for some shenanigans round the pond (while Colin, the chief gargoyle, pours a bucket of cold water over Geoffrey).
It's up to @metalfoot to attempt to act as responsible adult and bring the band back into line.
That goes well until we let @dzd loose with a couple of guitars.
@ductapeguy, who somehow managed to get his vibraphone here on the bus, calms things down again.
Our Bob Ross of MCs, Mr @headfirstonly closes out the party in fine style.

And Dragondreams? He's in a foetal position somewhere behind the greenhouse.

I'll let the guests fill in their own take on this one. Wink

darcistrutt's lyric:

My friend Geoffrey
He’s a hard-hearted male
My friend Geoffrey
He’s a hard-hearted male
But he can whack a cowbell
At that he’ll never fail

The Queen is mean
Doesn’t get our scene
She keeps my bedroom windows barred
Romance won’t spoil
With my sweet gargoyle
His heart is not the only part that’s hard

‘Cuz all is well
When we bang my bell
metalfoot's lyric:

I'm lost somewhere in Great Britain
Truth be told, I don't know where I fit in
At least it's warm, so I don't need my mittens
Yeah, I'm lost somewhere in Great Britain

I don't know where I fit in
I'm lost somewhere in Great Britain

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I hope putting this together was lots of fun for you, Dragondreams. Smile It was a lot of fun to listen to.

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nice one Smile well done for putting on this party some great contributions. i particularly like all the Britain rhymes from metalfoot, but also the gargoyle love song and the fun percussive section there where i had all sorts of unsavoury images of a rampant gargoyle. nice guitars from dzd and a fine end from chris. thanks for putting all this together paul.

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Now, that is one fine backyard bbq. Pass me a beverage please, I’m going to listen again.

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This was a real joy of a listen! You're right about more of a backyard feel, and it sure isn't the 30ish minute epic from last fawm Biggrin but I loved it! Thanks for providing such a great backing and putting this together, and great contributions everybody!

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Fun to hear the finished product! I'll be listening a few more times. Awesome job DD! Well done everyone!

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I thought I sent you some vibes early in July. Did I not make the cut? Or did the steamship transport of the acetates sink over the Atlantic? Edit-- I chacked our shared GD folder and sure enough, I sent a track July 16,

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Now with @ductapeguy vibes! DD you are truly amazing! Loving the vibe of the vibes...and the guitars are amazing. I think I'll listen again. Smile

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Vibraphone solos were something I didn't know I needed Biggrin Really smooths out that transition from my dirt to hfo's pretty prog blues epic playing as well! I've heard this 4 or 5 times now. It gets better each time. Great work!

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Blimmin' 'eck! This got weirder as it progressed and all the better for it...some neat blues playing and some idiosyncratic vocals earlier on...very well stitched together and a bit of a triumph for all concerned!

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Fun...Some great stuff in here. All of it really...Loved metalfoot's contribution. When I saw his name with the others I wondered how he'd fit in...Then dzd's awesome guitar. Some classy vibraphone. Blaze'n guitar. Gargoyles. Wobbie. Feeling satisfied...