I Didn’t Ask For This

I Didn’t Ask For This

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Liner Notes: 

i originally posted this as an acoustic demo a couple weeks ago but i decided to delete it and repost it as a new song because i recorded a new, full-band demo that significantly changed the sound of the song


I need to let you go
I didn’t ask for this
I don’t need this
You could probably let me go
I don’t really care what you do
I just gotta get away from you

Sometimes you call me late at night and you cry
Am I supposed to feel like shit?
Am I supposed to feel like shit?
Is this how you guilt me into sticking around?
I didn’t ask for this
No I didn’t ask for this

You took advantage of my body
Left me feeling dirty and violated
I’d only known you for a day
When you brought me to your place
I thought we would just hang out and watch tv

And it’s like you want my attention constantly
But when I try to speak
You’re not listening.
You’d go on for an hour about your car
And then tell me I’m being too quiet.
Like what am I supposed to say?

What am I supposed to say?
There’s nothing left to say
We need to go out separate ways

If you’re so afraid to lose me
Then fucking let me breathe
Let me breathe

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I love the heavy pulsing rhythms of the bass and drums, the rasping vocal and indie guitar sound. A compelling listen from the start. Really tells an emotional story!