It Seemed Like A Good Idea (At The Time)

It Seemed Like A Good Idea (At The Time)

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Liner Notes: 

"Let's do something in 11/8," says the muse.

I should know better.

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Amazing musical journey. 11/8 is an interesting way of creating music. Very inspiring instrumental, with intriquing themes. Cool instrumentation.

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This has a really cool, almost ghostly Trans Siberian Orchestra feelilng, that I'm really loving. So I'm for one glad you took the effort! Have a well earned nap after this one Biggrin

I'm assuming that was an ebow doing that gurgling almost chant-like groan?, or were you bringing out the doom metal vocalist in yourself?

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Oh wow! This is amazingly intricate and interesting as every layer perfectly plays with others to create an wonderfully nuanced and energetic adventure in sound. Love the guitars. The incorporation of the odd time and the various synth layers add a sense on intrigue, mystery, and excitement. Love every minute of this masterful musical journey!!