Keeping up with the Joneses

Keeping up with the Joneses

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Keeping up with the Joneses

Liner Notes: 

I found a Casiotone MT-35 in an antique shop recently, and I took it out to a little platform over the marsh to record. Ignore the weird angle looking up my nostrils - I can't seem to be bothered with any production values lately.


Left to my own devices
Vices won’t leave me alone
I tell ‘em go to hell but when they ring that bell
I’m salivating at the tone

I don’t want to feel I’m on a hamster wheel, I’m
Determined to be free, of
Keeping up with the Joneses
But the Joneses keeping up with me

Propagating more habits I just go rabbiting on
Amass and acquire, get high on desire Underscoring that I’m overdrawn
I don’t want to spring From a puppet string Or a hammer tapping my knee, OUCH!
I’m keeping up with the Joneses
But the Joneses keeping up with me

And lord I’m bored with scoring more
And more and more stuff
Can’t I sit and gather my wits
What’s the opposite of not enough?

What had was ferocious
Bringing me to my knees
It’s not just a neurosis
More like a social disease
People might say I’ve let myself go It’s more like I’ve let myself be

I had to endure
The only cure
Even though it felt wrong
To stop keeping up with the Joneses
But the Joneses won’t hear this song
No the Joneses won’t ever hear this song

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That was fantastic. The melodies and lyrical lines just work so well. Really glad I watched, even with the weird angle and all. Amazing song.

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These lyrics are amazing, and I LOVED the video! It's raw and sounds so good. Happy to see a song from you, Nancy! Smile

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Yup a great set of lyrics. Great vox and i love that instrument how cool

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a wild and witty contribution to the mose allison tradition. why dont we hear more songs like this anymore? thanks to nancy for keeping wit that swings alive in 2021,

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Loved this Nancy! The first one I've heard of yours this 5090 and it's a new classic! I could hear this with a full standard band in play and Sinatra singing at the helm. Solid songwriting and instantly singalongable melody.

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Super fun lyrics...I love the video. That instrument has a cool sound.. I like the airplane noise in background was it coming to pick you up for lunch in Paris Wink

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I dig the immediacy here - the video, the impromptu-performance feel. Super-swinging jazziness in your voice, and that's a delightful keyboard sound. Super lyrics, too. Fun!

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This is killer! Love the swing of the thing and vox really make it... Wonderful styling! Sweeet!


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wonderful! as bill mentioned, this has that mose allison feel that's really irreplaceable- love the double and triple meanings, the sly fun of it all, and the deep yet entertaining vibe to it all- all in this offhand crazy video! nice! I great write- hope this gets a more full production at some point- it really deserves it Smile

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Well this swings, and this grooves. I love so many of the verbal twists -- the Jones is keeping up with me. Devices/vices. Acquiring stuff as an addiction (hello Casiotone!) I like "what's the opposite of not enough", and let myself go/let myself be. And i like the ending, the Joneses won't ever hear this song.

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It appears to me that while you may not necessarily have been "feeling it" this summer, your endless well of musicality finds a way to make its presence known and felt. And you know it still amazes me how you take a lot of unconventional means to bring the music to life. This is one of the wonders I love about you and your creativity.