Change of Plans (needs a better title though)

Change of Plans (needs a better title though)

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Change of Plans (50/90)

Liner Notes: 

I just titled this the same as the skirmish I got it from, but it's not really in the lyric, so I should probably come up with a better title. Suggestions welcome.

So I am not really excited about songwriting at the moment, but it seems like I've found a foolproof method for writing a song quickly no matter how little energy and motivation I have:
1) Get a title, theme, or prompt from somewhere (I guess this is kind of optional though). I've been going through old skirmishes to find themes.
2) Use to get 10 random words (you could use FAWM Muse tools too).
3) Go through the words one at a time, and try to write a line or couplet (or even several lines if it inspires them) on the theme that includes that word.
4) Review all the lines you've ended up with, and see if you can figure out a good song outline & structure that uses them for the bulk of the song, moving them around as needed.
5) Fill in lines for the rest of the structure, using a rhyming dictionary to strike up ideas for lines as needed.
6) Devise a simple melody for each part (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.) that works okay. (This part is easy for me. It's not easy to write a great melody, but it's easy to write any old one.)

As long as I do not let myself worry about quality, and sort of try to go with my first instinct for everything (with a little bit of filter if it's *terrible*), it is really easy! Some songs won't be good, but some will be, and I can always go back later and see what I have to work with. But that uncertain result is the same anyway even if I spent many days finishing one song, so this is great.

Here were some of the random words that helped spark this song: wait, forward, dentist, falsify, behavior, voucher, ministry, comedy


And it was always "you have to wait, you have to wait"
And I would wait, and your plans would change
Yeah, you were always such a flake
And time marched forward and we stayed the same

And all the time that we were meant to spend together
You treated it as tedious as a dentist appointment
And you always felt like if it wasn't the fairest of weather
Then a last minute change of plans was totally fine
And I could never prove your love
But I couldn't ever give it up when I also couldn't falsify

I've never been an expert in human behavior
But the way that we lived this life just never seemed right
How you always told me that we would have more time later
But when later came you always told me, "come on, not tonight"
If I had a voucher for your love
Then everything I gave would be enough to finally get the life I deserve

The ministry of love has made a big mistake
Call it a comedy of errors
The comedy of you and me
I'd rather not call it a tragedy

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Dude you’re killin it! Solid performance of a super solid song. Well done!

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Also I vote to keep the title and subtitle that you have…but I’m a big fan of tongue in cheek type stuff like that…

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Thanks for the tip on! That chorus is so freaking relatable. I really like this whole piece - I was totally jamming along with you.