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Cairo Braga - Ultimatum / Imediatum (Visualizador Windows 98 + Winamp + Milkdrop)

Liner Notes: 

I actually made this inside 50/90 without remembering it was 50/90, it's the second part of a pandemic diptych I made in 24h for Netlabel Day 2021. It's about how we've been chasing and being presented to something new all the time, nonstop, without even time or attention to actually experience things deep and long enough for them to become old, like every second is the only one that existed, exists and will exist.

It has been released:


there's something happening now
somewhere else and here
don't you know?
won't you go?
don't you wanna know?
there's something new going on somehow

there's something coming out
inside and all around
well, won't you show?
let it flow?
feel it in your bones?
there's something old waiting to breakout

there's no time
there's no time
there's no time
doesn't matter how you're feeling
here's the new thing
come and get it
on a schedule
you can have it
it's so special
now forget it!

one last time
one more time
all the time
why does my life keep on slipping?
they say "blink and you'll miss it"
I've been keeping my eyes closed...

everything's making me "WOW!"
as it all disappears
did you like?
did you love?
or all of the above?
I think I felt something anyhow

nothing is giving me that "POW!"
as it accumulates
repeat again?
erase instead?
am I early or am I late?
I am not feeling anything at all

is there anything new?
anywhere at all?
well, I don't know!
you don't know!
it's getting very old...
we're getting very old...
we should've been told that:

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IMT... Wow.... Love the premise and the lyrics, production is top-shelf!! I couldn't quite finish as I'm at work but everything I listened to is so on target!!

Looking for to my second time around!


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Oh, wow! Love the energy in this song, Cairo, you got me moving! Great lyrics and great production. Smile