Clear the way

Clear the way

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Liner Notes: 

Thanks, Elizabeth. Thanks everybody! The EC is a great way to make songwriters go huh? Like being part of a corpse you only know a small percentage of..

It's been an honor to stitch this and hear the wonderful parts individually.

Since I miss rock hands, I made this EC downloadable at my Soundcloud page.

Wishing you a good time listening!


How by @ferrycolyer

Oh, I can clearly see
something is in between you and me
How do we clear the way,
make harmony not go away? 

Not go away by @jeustan

Do not go away (not go away)
Clear the way
not go away

The Way You by @Wolf Kier

The way you play
The way you say
The way you move
The way you groove
Baby, baby, baby
(don't know why)
Takes me away.

State of Mind by @dzed

Takes me away
To a state of mind
Where the groove
Is solid

But never on time

My way to get to you by @lowhum

I could barely state my point of view
This is my way to get to you

My talking mouse by @roddy

......... This is what I'll do

I'll come to your house with my talking mouse (That's me!)
And tell you (What?) I love you
(It's true you know, he does!)

Your Many Tiny Quirks by @kahlo

l love your little dainty feet
and your voice is oh so sweet
but I don’t think this will work
given your many tiny quirks

Eccentric lover by @davidtaro

I'm just your little eccentric lover
I'm just your freakalicious, quirkaholic toy (c'mon)
I'm just your little eccentric lover
But you won't let me give you any joy (ah no)

Bargained for by @jibbidy34

What you want? You got me
What you bargained for?
If it’s more you’re wanting
Well walk out the door

If you want the real me
Better give me more
Coz I won’t be waiting for

Crumbs and tidbits by @sunnymae

all these crumbs and tidbits
promised in the dark
half assed and broken
like pigeons in the park

don’t feed me shit
like tuesdays leftover lines
time to make a move
and get my whole piece ‘o’ pie

Failed Cake Logic by @KateStantonSings

If I like pie more than cake
does that still mean it's my birthday?
I eat cake on that day, but I like pie
therefore, I'm the mistake?

Can’t see clear? by @ferrycolyer

You mean I’m the mistake?
That I can’t see clear?
That I took you for someone else?

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Wolf Kier's picture

Ha! What an incredible journey. This is so much fun to listen to, and wonderfully stitched by Ferry!
Sounds like everyone had fun and the results are an imaginative joyful trip of entertaining tangents!
Well done, everyone!. And thanks Liz for co-ordination and kicking off this wonderful experience(s).
Smiling from ear to ear!

Gwyn Jones's picture

Omigosh! This works so well as a stand alone piece...every part is integral and intriguing but so expertly stitched together that the patchwork becomes an exquisite quilt!
Congrats all round but esp to Ferry for the intricate needlework!

KateStantonSings's picture

I stinkin’ love @roddy’s little mouse! How cute was that?! Hahaha well done all! So enjoyable to hear each artist’s sound. Ferry, you did a wonderful job stitching this up! Smile

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

Love the different sounds here, how it starts off with a 60's/70's vibe, then shifts into all sorts of other dreamy rock and singer/songwriter territory. Well done, everyone!

kahlo's picture

This is fabulous! I love every section and how the little pieces weave themes in and out with so many different music styles and personalities so wonderfully bookended and stitched by Ferry! Brilliant work Ferry! Kudos and thanks to all who participated! I love love love it!!!

mike skliar's picture

Wow and more wow! I had forgotten how powerful and fun something like this could be- everyone sounds great and its quite the amazing journey!

great work, everybody!

cindyrella's picture

This is something else!! Its like a box of chocolates of all kinds of treasures! Awesome job to all!

dzd's picture

This is just really fabulous top to bottom! Great work everybody! and a special thanks for some top notch stitching this corpse together Ferry! This was quite a journey, that I don't think could ever be accomplished if it wasn't just a big game of telephone Biggrin

djtjb's picture

Gosh you guys, this is too much fun to listen to! Great job everyone!

sunnymae's picture

OMG...this was my first time doing this after all these years and it was a blast!!!! What incredibly creative minds at work!!! :0)
Thanks Ferry for stitching these seriously off the wall and fabulous sounds together for us and sewing your own threads into the tapestry.

davidtaro's picture

There are some fabulous bits of stitching here, Ferry! I particularly like the segue from yours into jeustan's, that's really organic and seamless. Thank you everyone, such fun listening to each bit. They all sound uniquely like their authors, but then also work so well as a whole piece. I was wondering where Elizabeth had got the 'dainty feet' line from, it seemed pretty leftfield... and then, mystery solved, it was Roddy's mouse! Lol.

headfirstonly's picture

Well now, this is quite something. I'm sitting here still smiling at what I just heard. Some sections follow on so seamlessly it's difficult to separate them (much kudos to Ferry's stitching skills) and others pull a screaming 180, tyres smoking, and head off for parts unknown. But they all bring us along for the ride; it all fits!

Jibbidy34's picture

Haha brilliant! Well done for stitching all of that and fabulous work everyone! It was fun to be a part of that.

jeustan's picture

This was incredible fun. All of it fused into one strange journey.

I love the talking mouse. I really really do.

I love pie more than cake. Love cake though.

coolparadiso's picture

well as not being part of this at all i came fresh to it! amazing piece a real delight to the ears! top stuff all of you, well ordered and mixed i love how lo hum ran into roddy! bravo hats off to all of you!

Nahlej381's picture

This is so dope. Perfectly stitched sonic odyssey. And playing again…now.

Hypnotist's picture

I missed this when it happened - what a lovely peculiar journey. I am easily swayed by squeaky voices, but there was so much more to enjoy here than the mouse. I love this form - and every part delivered. The words reminded my of some of the more eccentric corners of David Shrigley's Worried Noodles, if that means anything to anyone - and that's a complement from me as I love that record.

richaaaay's picture

So fun listening to to this now. Everyone’s parts are so uniquely them, like fingerprints. It is all stitched together as such an entertaining compilation. This must have been blast to be a part of. Well done everyone!

billwhite51's picture

ths plays like a sampler of 50 90 music. so much talent, so diverse. each contributors style comes across so distinctly in their allotted seconds. i love and miss you all.