The Wind Is Changing

The Wind Is Changing

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Time spent: 1.5 hours

The image of autumn makes me think of change, the passing of time, and things ending. Change can be tough - it's hard to say goodbye to the way things are now, even if you know it'll be better in the long run.

A lot of the time when I try to write something quickly on guitar, I end up sticking to the chords I'm most comfortable with, so this time I tried to venture out a little and throw in a few chords that I don't typically go for. Given more time, I would've liked to make this longer, but I was already pushing the time limit as it was, so for now, a short song it is.

Thanks Corinne for the great prompt!


The world was green
Now it wears orange leaves
Something’s different
The wind is changing

Missing the signs
Don’t know when I crossed the line
But I can’t stay here
I hope you’ll understand

Now I’m letting go
Off to somewhere I don’t know
The wind will carry me
I’ll leave behind my roots
And fly away

The leaves are changing color
Time moves on
I won’t forget you
Though we say goodbye

The sun is setting
Now that summer’s done
The world’s transforming
And so too must I

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Very nice singing and playing. The lyrics have the wistful sort of feeling with the weather getting colder. Nice job.

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Just love these lyrics and the letting go just like the leaves letting go. Lovely skirmish!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very beautiful, poetic, symbolic song. Love listening to your gorgeous vocals and playing. So pretty!

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Really lovely song - I like the change to minor chords which adds to the wistfulness of the lyrics. Very engaging music and your voice is very sweet

Sunfire's picture

I love how you articulate a feeling or sense of change that is often how I feel or think when Autumn blows in.

kahlo's picture

This is gorgeous - using the winds of change of autumn to capture the need for change and moving on is a perfect concept and you execute it brilliantly. Beautiful poetry in your well crafted lyric and the music is absolutely gorgeous - it is an insightful poignant take on the prompt.

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Great start to a very captivating song! I really hope you come back to add more because this is a keeper. Venturing beyond your chord comfort zone paid off big time. "The world’s transforming/And so too must I" is a poignant line.

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Lovely. The melody is very catchy and singable. Very well done.

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I love the connection between the season's changing and personal change. I also like the positive vibe of the music and vocals. That fits the mood of the lyrics nicely. Your voice is beautiful! I enjoyed the listen Smile

billwhite51's picture

evocative lyrics and a fascinating melody snaking around an implied descending bass, the vocals, both solo and in self harmony, are mesmerizing.

metalfoot's picture

Just great and insightful writing, lyrically with a really nice chord progression. Hooray for using some unconventional-to-you chords (I am ALWAYS experimenting with chord progressions and structures!). I was hoping the song would go on just a little longer!