the grim sunken bowl

the grim sunken bowl

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Woow..It would some great Halloween music for a movie esp at the 1.58mark

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This is super fantastic. I picture a whole scene in my head as I listen. The movement is exciting and kind of dark. I love the "creature' noises (that is what I hear). A really fun and interesting listen!

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This definitely has a grim feel to it. The title makes it sound like an ominous dish at a restaurant. Maybe somethings so good yet so spicy Something that is bound to leave you in a satisfying but not all together good spot. Decidedly worth every single bit of it though.

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Perfect for a lonely walk at a dead earbuds...looking over one's shoulder. Creepy & creative! Btw, I want to thank you for all the kind comments this season!!

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Grim indeed. Nice industrial vibes and a feeling of mild peril.

And I can't stop laughing at @richaaaay's comment about this sounding like an ominous dish at a restaurant. I can think of at least one Chinese restaurant in London where I would totally expect to see such a thing on the menu (back in the 80s, seeing the waiters there roughing up customers was all part of the dining experience...)