Special Times

Special Times

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Liner Notes: 

Okay, I was hosting it, posted 1 minute later the prompt and posting my music later too lol. A lot to do Smile
Looking forward to hearing special songs and reading special lyrics Smile

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this is very pretty but with a hint of sadness and want! Its really nice Nadia and that slightly different change in the progression makes it that bit different! really nice!

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Very pretty melody and that little repeating dip at first appears at 00:25 keeps it interesting. This is a very elegant piece. Thank you for hosting!

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Two minutes and five seconds of a beautifully flowing special piano piece that drew me right in. I like the depth of feeling that is conveyed. Lovely!

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This is romantic, Nadia. The motif is a love journey in sonic form. I close my eyes and see candles flickering. Amazing changes in chord progressions--things I couldn't dream of conjuring up! Love love love it!