Special days

Special days

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Liner Notes: 

very quick skirmish


V1 It began on one spring evening:
She was the smartest one around,
She had more than anyone
Or now i have found

V2 She has now become my friend,
My calm my love my one
The one that i need more
Than any other one

C Yesterday was special
Today is special too
Everyday is special
When its spent with you

V3 You are always with me
Through change and status quo
I know i can rely on you
Wherever that i go

V4 We now sail through life together,
Spin the wheel each day
Navigate around the world,
On life’s weird highway

C Yesterday was special
Today is special too
Everyday is special
When its spent with you

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How do you come up with such gorgeous songs so quickly? You've made me smile. It is so special, beautiful and moving. Love your song.

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Awwww, that's such a sweet song, especially the chorus. Such a lovely use of the prompt. I really like the melody and piano here.

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Well this is just gorgeous - such a beautiful sentiment and lovely music! It is a fantastic love song and truly amazing for an early morning skirmish! I have no idea how you are able to write lyrics and music so quickly that is so well thought out!

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Really nice sentiment to this. Crush'd the skirmish. The guitar strumming is rock solid. Piano too. Well done...

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I'm just going to ditto the previous comments: great melody, instrumentation is so smooth, lyrics are so comforting, but a snuggle on the couch. And you did it in a skirmish? Damn.

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Your vocals are so deep and smooth—nice! What a pleasant song. The lyrics are endearing and made me smile. I cannot believe you wrote this during a skirmish!! Congrats on your output this season, John!

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So lovely! Hard to believe this is from a skirmish, but then I remembered it was you who made it. Smile