My Secret Ambition

My Secret Ambition

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SuperSkirmish G
DATE/TIME: September 25, 2021 - 12pm CDT (10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST, September 26: 3am AEST etc...)
THEME/TITLE: Secret, Secrets, secret place, secret identity, etc..
TAGS: superskirmish, songskirmish, ss092521G, feast, (Secret/secrets)
WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: [@ AndreaB]


when i was a kid growing up
out on a farm in the country
what we knew was what we saw around us
we didnt have tv in those days

the old folks never asked us things like
what do you want to be when youre grown up
we just did the best we could, you know.
we didnt have options like kids today.

my friends grew up and got married
had farms like their parents before them
some had skills like mechanical or electrics
that gave them more options if they chose

but the girls, got married and had kids
worked beside their husbands as a team
maybe a teacher or baker or shopkeeper
but that was the way it was then.

one time my parents went on a little trip
to a city to see some of the sights
they stayed at hotels, and went to the bar
and someone was there to entertain.

when my parents came home, all they talked about
was how nice the people were there
they came out and served them food, and drinks
and that lady who told jokes was the best

so from that time on, all i thought about
how my parents thought that was the best
my secret ambition was to make people happy
by being a hotel cocktail waitress

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I love the title - I couldn't wait to hear this. I am shaking my head, yes, yes, I can imagine it all. Then those last to lines were precious! I love it. I love the happy music and your voice is really nice. Nice skirmish Smile

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What a secret ambition!!!! Great storytelling!

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Fantastic story, I always love your stories and the way you play and sing them. The tag line at the end really gave me a laugh!! Very cute and funny. I'm reading a book about a family during the Dust Bowl called "The Four Winds" - your story up to a point reminds me a lot of the folks in the book. Excellent skirmish!

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Ha! I was not expecting that for your secret ambition. I love the story telling and the nostalgia slice of life feeling. Wonderful mandolin. I like the strum pattern a lot as the backdrop for your lovely melody. I wanted to be the manager of my own Dairy Queen.

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Aww, that's a delightful secret ambition! It reminds me *juuust* a bit of Dolly Parton's origin story. Delightful skirmish.

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What a great song to listen to! How did you do this in a short time? Good skirmish!

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Really nice story telling. Had no idea what your secret ambition was....That's a great write for a skirmish. Did you play and sing that as a one take sort of thing? That's a lot to digest in an hour. Well done!

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I love a story song, a very engaging and enjoyable listen.

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Good storytelling! It's fun to listen to the different generations' mindset. And it's clever how you save the secret ambition for the very last line. Enjoyable melody and mandolin!